Prince William delaying his entry into family business


Queen Elizabeth stands with Prince William after his graduation ceremony at St. Andrews University in 2005. It appears that William is not yet ready to graduate to Royal Family business and will extend his stay in the RAF.(AP)

Prince William is in no hurry to join the family business.

According to a Daily Mail report, he has already informed the Queen and his father, Prince Charles, that he wants to keep his RAF pilot job beyond his three-year commitment which ends in mid-2013.

Both his father and grandmother are said to be “sympathetic” to William’s wish to continue pursuing his RAF career, which currently mean’s co-piloting a search-and-rescue helicopter in Anglesey, Wales.

Despite a highly successful summer that included Kate and William’s tour of Canada, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are clearly uncomfortable with embracing the public spotlight that shines on them almost constantly.

The couple has gone into semi-seclusion since returning from their North American tour, rarely venturing out for official duties. They are due to open a children’s cancer centre in Surrey on Thursday, one of about 30 royal annual appearances William is expected to make while he is otherwise engaged outside the Palace walls.

Full-fledged members of the family ‘Firm’ have upwards of 500 engagements a year.

Clearly, Kate and William have added new spark to the Royal Family and increased the popularity of the monarchy. This consideration seems to take a back seat to the Queen’s wishes for her grandson and his bride to enjoy some measure of normalcy in their first years of marriage.

Unlike his mother’s immediate dive into Royal Family duties, William is intent on protecting Kate from the inevitable as long as possible and keeping the couple’s social calendar to events that are close to their comfort zone.

William has until mid-2012 to make his final decision on his future with the RAF, which could mean up to another three years in the service. There is also speculation he could turn to another job, but whatever it is, the betting is he won’t be taking up full-time royal duties.

William has long hinted that he is happy to stay arm’s length from the throne for a while and drove that home again recently when he was asked about his thoughts on the prospect of one day being Britain’s reigning monarch.

‘I try not to think about it, to be honest,’ he said. ‘As I’m flying along in my helicopter through the mountains of Wales, I try desperately hard not to think about it. That can wait until I’m a bit older.’


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