Tabloids keep pushing 'pregnant Kate' story

Star_cover In case you haven't been glued to the British tabloids, you may have missed the 'news' that Kate Middleton is pregnant. With twins. Wait, actually she's not. At least, she's probably not.

Tabloids have been 'reporting' William and Kate's expanding family since shortly after the royal wedding.

The latest rumour comes from Star Magazine, which scored the 'world exclusive':

According to sources close to Prince WIlliam and his beautiful bride of five months, doctors confirmed the exciting baby news exactly 100 days after the April 29 royal wedding at London's Westminster Abbey.

Could it be true? Alas, we learn in another tabloid that it isn't.

Though a tabloid recently claimed the 29-year-old Duchess is pregnant with twins, a palace rep tells Us Weekly that she is not currently expecting any children.

Thank goodness we've finally got to the bottom of that one. Never mind that there is not a single mention of this denial on the various websites or social media feeds of the Royal Family (surely they just don't want to be seen giving creedence to these rumours!), or that this scoop wasn't even mentioned in the more, er, fact-sensitive media.

But the tabloids will keep pronouncing on Kate's pregnancy because presumably sooner or later, one of them with be right.


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