Zara plays it cool despite kiss-n-tell video

The next chapter in the continuing newlywed adventures of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall is unfolding in New Zealand.

Zara charity The Queen’s granddaughter arrived in Auckland on Wednesday, ready to tackle head-on the mini-scandal that has erupted since her husband of seven weeks was caught being very friendly with a blonde in a bar.

Tindall has been in the country for several weeks as captain’s of England’s entry in the World Cup of Rugby. After a match last week, he was seen on closed circuit video at a Queenston bar being kissed on the head by a young blonde.

Once the video hit YouTube, the spin machine went into full overdrive, with spokemen for Zara saying that the mystery blonde was really a friend of the couple and had even attended their wedding.

"She is an English girl living in Australia who was at their wedding” one friend said. “Zara is very relaxed about this, and the whole thing has been blown out of all proportion.''

Nevertheless, Zara was quick to get her re-book her planned flight to New Zealand join her hubby. With her own busy schedule as an Olympic-level equestrian, she wasn’t planning to get to the World Cup until next week. Instead, she landed there Wednesday and attended a charity event (above). She’s expected to attend England’s next match on Saturday.

Insiders say nothing has changed. That this is all a proverbial tempest in an English teapot. Perhaps. But it’s hard to believe any spouse would be treating this kind of damning video so casually.

"The fuss caused over Mike's night out has been unsettling for her so she wants to see Mike as soon as she can," a source told the Mirror in London.

"But she also needs to sort this mess out with Mike and get things back on track."

Stay tuned.



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Looks to me like Mike was dong a little more then being friendly with a friend...he had his arms around her and left with her...poor Zara...

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