Prince Harry gets ready for a fight

Prince harry
Prince Harry arrives at Naval Air Facility El Centro in California on Thursday for the final phase of his Army Apache helicopter training. (Getty Images)

Prince Harry is going on the attack … literally.

The third in the line to the British throne landed in California late Thursday to begin advanced training on the Apache attack helicopters.

The 27-year-old royal will be known as Captain Wales, one of 20 elite British Army pilots who will be at the Naval Air Facility at El Centro near the Mexican border for the next couple of months.

The training culminates at the U.S. Air Force station in Gila Bend, Ariz., where the prince will be firing live missiles and rockets from the helicopter.

This is the final phase of a 16-month program that could see the prince back in Afghanistan, where he saw 10 weeks of action battling the Taliban in 2007. The desert areas around the U.S. bases simulate many of conditions that are typically found in Afghanistan.

Although free time will be at a minimum, Harry — never one to shy away from a party — will be allowed to use it at his discretion. That might mean a short hop across the Mexican border, or even making the six-hour drive north to Las Vegas. It’s more likely he’ll stick to the local fast-food joints in the town of 40,000, though one local resident warned the Telegraph: “We don’t have places for him to cruise around. He’s going to get bored. I would recommend the mall.”

One thing he won’t have to worry about is doing public appearances.

“He is travelling to the United States in a military capacity and will not be undertaking any Royal or public engagements,” said a military spokesman.

Britain has a fleet of 67 two-man Apache helicopters, each equipped multiple rocket systems.

Prince Harry marches off after receiving his helicopter pilot's wings from his father, Prince Charles, on May 7, 2010. (AP Photo)



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This is a joke. He is going to go hide in some highly secured base camp. It is more like a recreational activities for these rich folks.If he courage like other soldiers, I would like him to go on a foot patrol or fly his Apache into the Afghan mountains and engage the Taliban.

Prince Harry is simply adorable!

Hes been on foot patrols when he was on herrick 7. He was also a forward air controler on that tour, do some research before commenting you nugget.

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