Beatrice gives fellow princess a royal snub

Princess Beatrice, left, did not exactly roll out the welcome mat for Thailand's royal princess.

Just because you’re a princess doesn’t entitle you to talk to another princess.

That seems to be the message Princess Beatrice delivered to her Thai counterpart when then two found themselves in the front row for a Paris fashion show this week.

Beatrice and Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana were sitting six seats away from one another at the show by designer Elie Saab. The 24-year-old Asian royal – one of the world’s most attractive young royals, according to Forbes magazine – decided to introduce herself to the fifth in line for the British throne.

According to the Telegraph, Nariratana was stopped by a protection officer before she reached Beatrice. She explained her courtesy call to the guard, but was rebuked.

“She don’t want to meet no princesses,” was the reported reply. “She’s sitting here, not getting up.”

With that, an irritated Princess Nariratana turned around and was heard to utter: “Is that the sort of Princess you've got?”

So ended the royal summit. As of this writing, neither princess is talking about the incident or, it appears, to each other.

A spokesperson for the 23-year-old daughter of Prince Andrew said they “do not comment on security issues."

Can’t wait for the next time these two cross paths, or cat walks.


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Is it at all possible for this Canadian blog to stop referring to Canada's monarchy and royal family as "British"? They're not foreign to this country.

This is SUCH an important "article". Thank you for having the courage to "report" this.

That Sirivannavari Nariratana looks, uh, classy.

And yes, the *British* royal family is foreign to Canada. One of them might get to be our head of state but it doesn't make them Canadian.

snotty little princesses.....who never have to work..

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