Canadian tour for Prince Harry?

After watching his brother fly solo on overseas royal tours, Prince Harry is ready to earn his own regal wings.

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year on the horizon, it’s expected that Harry will be pitching in as Royal Family spreads itself out over the Commonwealth to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne in 2012.

1991 HarryCanada is certainly on the list of destinations and is a leading candidate for Harry’s first solo royal tour, just as it served as a launching point for William and Kate.

"The opportunity has arisen and Prince Harry feels that the Queen's Jubilee is a very appropriate occasion to undertake his first solo tour,” a royal aide told the Telegraph. "He is an adult and a fully-fledged senior member of the Royal Family, albeit one with a full-time job, so the time feels right."

Canada, New Zealand and Australia are reportedly the countries under consideration for Harry’s inaugural solo tour. Given the success of the Kate-William summer tour, this may well be the most logical first step for Harry’s royal career.

He has been to Canada twice before on official visits. The first was in 1991 as a toddler with his brother and parents Charles and Diana, touring the Toronto and Niagara Falls regions (right). In 1998, he, William and Charles were in Vancouver, their first official engagement following Diana’s death. Harry had also been to Calgary in 2007 to train with Canadian soldiers.

The dates for Harry’s availability for royal duties remains up in the air. He is currently doing Apache helicopter training in California and Arizona for an expected tour of duty in Afghanistan sometime in the new year.

Up to now, Harry has done limited duty as a royal representative, mostly around London. In 2010, he and Prince William together visited several African states, where they have many charitable causes. Other than that, Harry is most often seen leaving parties and having his love life examined. The 26-year-old full-time bachelor has been guilty of several youthful indiscretions, but he’s reaching a new stage in his royal life where more is being demanded of him.

While he and William share the same royal office, that arrangement is expected to end in 2013 as Kate and William take on more royal duties.

1998 harry
Princes William, Harry and Charles were in B.C. in March 1998. (CP)


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They should pay for their visit just like any other UK resident does. They better not be our parasites. When are these guys/gals going to earn some dignity and start working for themselves and not remain suckers on poor people like me?

...Harry does have a job - he's in the armed forces and has fought in Afghanistan and is likely going back into combat within a year or two (likewise almost every major royal has fought in a war, including the Queen in WWII and her dad in WWI). Nevertheless, the royal family is still cheaper than having a president and a prime minister as India and France have. Beyond this, there's other non-monetary arguments to be made regarding history, the fate of the Constitution if it had to be reopened, along with the built in stability of an impartial and non-political head of state rather than someone who will likely be partisan. etc

It would be a pleasure to have Prince Harry visit Canada on a Royal tour. Aside from his Grandmother, he's 2nd favourite for me.

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