Harry and Chelsy ... together again?


Prince Harry’s military training has given him a never-say-die attitude. Apparently he extends that to his girlfriends too.

The British royal, who is in the U.S. for two months of Apache helicopter training, is California dreamin’ about long-time on-again off-again Chelsy Davy.

Word via the Daily Mail is that Harry and Chelsy had reunion dinner (another!) at her London home before he headed off to the California desert last week.

The Mail speculates via a friend of Chelsy’s that Harry is looking to “rekindle their romance.”

Lets recap. This is a couple that has broken up more times than Humpty-Dumpty over the last seven years. Just after the royal wedding in April (when the baseless Harry-Pippa rumours started floating) the couple broke up one more time, presumably for good. Harry declared himself to be "100 per cent single."

Davy continued to train for her law career, while Harry partied and took up with lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce. The ‘Flee’ fling didn’t last long and Harry, at 27, may be showing signs of getting serious about what’s next.

For now, he has his hands full with the Apache training, while is a precursor to a second tour of duty of Afghanistan next year. Davy’s trying to get a foothold on the legal ladder and, according to friends, “she doesn’t want to be a princess. She’s very much her own woman.”

Can Chelsy compete with California girls? Will Harry find happiness with Chelsy? Will Chelsy have him back? Will a a tour of military duty bring them closer, or further apart? Stay tuned for the next episode. This is a royal soap opera that never seems to end.


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Sooo.. is Canada gonna be a real country anytime soon? When are we gonna shake the international joke of the commonwealth?

Isn't it enought that the seats around him are reserved vacant for his royal majesty. Could he at least refrain from putting his feet all over the seat below?

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