Harry's smitten and Pippa's waiting

Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton may be the most watched singles on the planet.

JessicaWherever they go, whoever they date, it's all laid bare as the twenty-somethings go about their separte business and love lives.

The curiousity factor is incredible, no more so than this week, with stories of Prince Harry hooking up with a California cocktail waitress while he's helicopter training in the U.S. desert, and Pippa looking more and more like she'll finally get betrothed to long-time boyfriend Alex Loudon.

Lets deal with Harry first.

The bachelor prince has reportedly been "bowled over" by  26-year-old Jessica Donaldson (right), according to the London Sun. The two met a few weeks ago at Andraz Hotel in San Diego, where Donaldson takes care of guests in the VIP lounge of the hotel's Ivy Nightclub.

The Brit tabs are already labelling the brunette as a Kate Middleton lookalike (minus the tattoos, of course). "She is full of energy, a bit wild and goes out a lot," one friend told the Sun.

Some grainy photos taken in a bar showed the two of them flirting with each over and perhaps locking lips. They also met for lunch the next day at the beach.

Another whirlwind romance for Prince Harry? It would seem likely. He has just come off a summer fling with lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce and seems to have closed the book on Chelsy Davy. On his first weekend of from an intense two-month Apache helicopter training program, it's not surprising the 26-year-old party animal would find some romantic diversion among California girls.

He's due back home in December, when he'll prepare for a likely tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, word is that Pippa's long-time boyfriend, Alex Loudon, is getting ready to put an engagement ring on her finger.

Loudon, 31, is notoriously publicity-shy when it comes to his relationship with Kate's sister and has apparently been sending a friend on ring-hunting excursions. The papers are reporting that he has his eye on a ring designed by Diane von Furstenberg.

This is a natural evolution ... Pippa has moved much of her stuff to Loudon's London apartment already.

Alex Loudon and Pippa Middleton may finally be ready to move into the engagement phase. (Getty)


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