Kate cousin's career is taking off ... literally


We never really get to see the Duchess of Cambridge dance too much these days, but there’s obviously some musical genes floating around the Middleton family DNA.

One might say, even exotic.

Case in point … Katrina Darling, who, technically, is Kate’s second cousin. She’s also a burlesque dancer, a branch of the family tree that was uncovered just prior to the royal wedding.

KatrinaDarling, who has never met her cuz, declares she doesn’t want to use her lineage to promote her career, but, like it or not, she can’t escape the connection and there’s no evidence that it hurts.

Her latest moment in the spotlight is a new music video by the instrumental UK group BEAK>, which features Portishead’s Geoff Barrow (see above). Don’t bother looking for the family resemblance, though … Darling wears a beak mask through the entire video as she twists around on a squash court.

“I have always worked very hard and got myself out there by myself,” Darling told England’s Sunday Sun. “But obviously when the link with Kate came out it did open a few more opportunities.

“It’s not a hindrance but it’s not something I would like to rely on and I would rather stay credible.”

The 21-year-old Darling has been doing her striptease act for three years, mostly around her working-class neighbourhood in Sunderland, where by day she works in a bank.

At night, she dons her tassles and gyrates to tunes like ‘God Save the Queen’ by the
Sex Pistols while stripping her Union Jack costume (photo).

“Obviously some things people said weren’t very nice, but then there were others saying ‘well, at least she’s got a job,’” said Darling, who’s grandmother was the sister of Kate’s great-grandfather.

The erotic arts and the Royal Family are not strangers, of course. In the early 1980s, before his marriage to Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew had hooked up with a soft-porn actress, Koo Stark.


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