The many covers of Kate Middleton

With the Duchess of Cambridge on the cover of Chatelaine this month, we take a look back at some of Kate's many magazine covers. Chatelaine-canada-november-


By our count, Kate has been on the cover of Hello! Magazine (including all its regional editions) 21 times so far in 2011, and five times in 2010. Hello! publishes weekly, so they have put Kate on the front of nearly half of its UK editions so far in 2011 (since we're 43 weeks into the year). Three of those have been in October, so the Kate craze doesn't look to be waning much. (Just imagine a pregnancy announcement!)


Kate has been on the cover of US Weekly four times so far in 2011. US is American, so it's not surprise that it's less Kate obsessed than Hello!. You can also see that the US Weekly prefers more sensational headlines.


Vanity Fair, July, 2011, and Women's Weekly (Australia), June, 2011.


Grazia has had a 'complicated' relationship with Kate. After publishing its May 3, 2011 edition, above on the left, the magazine admitted that it had doctored the photo of Kate in her wedding dress, making her waist look even more slender than it actually is. According to a story on MSNBC, the magazine said that the thinning was an accidental consequence of removing William from the desired shot:

The magazine explained it wanted a solo shot of Kate in her Alexander McQueen wedding dress on her big day — trouble was, editors couldn’t find a suitable shot without new husband Prince William on her arm.
In the process of removing William from the picture, Kate’s right arm had to be altered to match her left, the magazine claims, so that it would like she was striking a pose. “This involved mirroring one of the duchess’s arms and an inadvertent result of the change was the slimming of her waist,” the (Britain’s Press Complaints) commission reported.

(Doesn't this seem a bit like apologizing for running somebody over with your car but that it couldn't be helped because you were trying to escape from the police?) More recently (Aug. 17, 2011), the magazine called Kate 'too ordinary'. I'm sure there are millions who dream about being that ordinary.

VogueFinally, the Vogue cover. Ha, just kidding. As we noted a while back, there is no Kate Vogue cover on the horizon.

Unlike many of the celebrity magazines, Vogue would never put somebody on the cover that they did not photograph themselves. And therein lies the problem. E! Online quotes a Buckingham Palace source as saying: "both William and Kate feel it would be wrong for Kate to promote herself as a fashion or style icon. That's not what they are about and they take their royal duties far too seriously to, in one sense, trivialize them."

Er, plus the Queen disapproves of the idea.

This image is a dream cover cooked up by the folks at New York Fashion. Hope springs eternal.


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What a complete waste of time, space and money. What is her contribution to the world ? Why is this so called Royal family important anymore ? It is high time people wake up and stop this idiotic idol worship. I am surprised and ashamed to see such ignorant worship going on in this day and age. For how long guys ?

@vipul, er, better than worshipping hollywood starlets. At least the royal is about charities and histories, plus, they are much better examples than hollywood idols that many seem to fonder upon to no end. I also welcome how the Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have brought about some sense of classiness versus trashiness in the world as we know it.

Heavens Above, why not publish articles on HRH Princess Anne. She does amazing work. Are all they interested in a pretty face and a wonderful dress, which makes it even worse as the UK going through a recession. The same happened with Princess Diana and look what happened. Leave Kate alone, how about reading about the other royals and what good work they do.

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