It's no trick ... Kate will be everywhere on Halloween


Scary stuff, right? Masks that were popular for the royal wedding will no doubt be roaming the streets again on Oct. 31 as both kids and adults seek some royal inspiration for Halloween.

What would you do if Kate Middleton showed up at your door?

Will-kate costume1 Best advice? Give her a chocolate bar and a bag of chips and send her on her way.

Two recent surveys show that Kate Middleton -- or a pint-sized facsimile -- will likely be going door to door in your neighbourhood this Halloween. Surveys by Bing and ShopRunners put Kate at or near the top of lists of celebrities for trick-or-treaters to copy this year.

The costume shops are full of prince-princess garb for those willing to splurge on outfits (like the ones at right -- $35.99 each at Amazon), but the polls also show that do-it-yourself costumes will be in vogue.

Kate tops the Bing poll for Halloween costume plans for girls at 47 per cent while fictional character/vampire Edward Cullen from Twilight was the top choice for males.

Lady Gaga -- who is always in the Halloween spirit -- is No. 1 on the ShopRunners list, followed by Kate, Katy Perry and, just to add a 'Winning' touch, Charlie Sheen.

This will clearly be a budget-conscious Halloween, with the Bing survey also finding 40 per cent of respondents were giving up on store-bought costumes and resorting to home-made creations.

Kate hat That may seem a bit of a challenge for parents rummaging through the closet for a spare Alexander McQueen or Alice Temperley outfit in petite sizes. But fear not. The key to any Kate outfit will be the fascinator and she has worn enough of them in the past six months to provide inspiration for Halloween.

Her Canada Day-inspired hat, left, looks Halloween-worthy and as crafty a royal project as you'll find for the big night.

As for William, well, there's a little more work in putting together a homemade uniform of an Irish Guards colonel, but not impossible. The tough part is the receding hairline.






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