Well-oiled Tindall strips down for calendar


Meet Mr. June. Mike Tindall, new son-in-law of Princess Anne and no stranger to controversy, is now a poster boy.

The English rugby star, married to Zara Phillips, is putting his buff bod on display in a charity calendar called Rugby For Heroes, which raises money for ex-military personnel.

RugbyposterThe idea of convincing Tindall and 11 other players to strip down for charity came from Alan Lamb, whose son plays for the Northampton pro rugby team.

"Some of the players, frankly, didn’t need an awful lot of persuading but some of them were quite shy and reserved, particularly Tins," Lamb told the Daily Mail.

"We went to the club and the photographer was a former serviceman, which made it a bit easier to strip off and get oiled up."

Tindall was oiled up in other ways last month when his post-match drinking in a New Zealand bar resulted in some embarrassing video of him getting friendly with a blonde. 

Tindall may be the first underwear model related to the Royal Family (at least on the male side). It's not known how much re-touching might have been done, but Tindall's pose and tilt of head does manage to minimize the zig-zag bone structure of his much-broken nose.

It's also not known how Zara or mom Anne is taking this bare-bones approach to celebrity.



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Don't like casual underwear !

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