High high high heels make a royal impression

Hayrunnisa Gul

Queen Elizabeth seems to be checking out the red carpet for any ill effects from the platform heels worn by Hayrunnisa Gul, wife of Turkey president Dr. Abdullah Gul. (Getty Images)

One can only guess what Queen Elizabeth was thinking as she greeted her state visit guests from Turkey on the red carpet at Buckingham Palace this week.

Not that she's uneasy around foreign dignataries. Far from it. But even she had to do a mini double take when Hayrunnisa Gul, wife of the president of Turkey, walked the red carpet to the Palace in a pair of platform ankle boots with heels that may well have escaped the weapons search.

ShoesMrs. Gul and her husband Dr. Abdullah Gul were guests of the Queen and Prince Philip for lunch on Tuesday as they began a state visit.

The Kardashian-sized footwear made president's wife tower over her lunchmates, but otherwise the how-do-you-do's seemed to go off with a hitch, or a stumble. Mrs. Gul is quite the fan of high heels, often making her public forays with well-heeled footwear. She also always wears a headscarf, an item that has caused some anger among more secular Turkish residents who see it as an Islamic symbol.

The Queen was last in Turkey in 2008 and Britain is going all out to be friends with country that holds a key spot in keeping peace with its Mideast neighbours. Hence, it was all pomp and ceremony for this visit, which included a state banquet, a 41-gun salute and a trip with the Horse Guards and royal carriages.

It was smiles around, even if there was a little sole-searching.

Queen Elizabeth and President of Turkey Abdullah Gul, flanked by Princess Anne and Prince Philip, attend a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. (Dominic Lipinski/AFP/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth accompanies the President of Turkey Abdullah Gull and his wife Hayrunnisa as they tour an exhibition of Turkish artefacts from the Royal Collection in the Picture Gallery of Buckingham Palace. (Getty Images)


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