Kate and Pippa never looked so bad


Quick now … Spot the fake in this royal wedding picture. (Hint, someone wearing white).

Time’s up … and if you took more than a few seconds to spot that there are really TWO fakes, well, it’s unlikely you’ll be invited to the Palace anytime soon.

If you squint really hard, chances are these Kate and Pippa replicas will actually resemble features of their real-life counterparts, but don’t bother straining yourself.

These “action figures," complete with moveable but unattractive joints, are just the latest in a line of dolls meant to capitalize on the royal wedding. Any resemblance with the real thing is purely coincidental.

These ones come from Hero Builders, an American company that has decided the Middleton sisters ought to have deep tans, big muscles and killer smiles.

Kate is in “handmade replica” of her wedding dress goes for $189.95 (U.S.), but can also be dressed in a “Herobuilders” wedding dress for only $49.95. Pippa is in her body-hugging wedding gear for $49.95.

Just in time for Christmas ....


The makers at Hero Builders tried their best to make sure all of Pippa's assets were displayed.


The plastic Kate looks like she spent a few hours in the gym building up the biceps to prepare for the royal life.


Compton and Woodhouse Catherine-the-Royal-Bride-figurine Hamleys dolls


Doll-makers have had a tough time nailing down the looks of the royal couple. Left, Compton and Woodhouse attempted a china doll (at $160) that was roundly panned by the Middletons. Right, Hamleys came out with a royal wedding setting that made the the royals look downright evil.



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