Pippa romance rumours swing back to the Earl

George pippa

George Percy and Pippa were former roommates at Edinburgh University.

Now that she’s single again, Pippa Middleton has apparently taken to roaming the English countryside and the land of ex-boyfriends.

With Alex Loudon out of the romance picture, the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister was seen doing a little grouse-hunting at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland over the weekend. It not only doubles as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films, but is home to the Duke of Northumberland and his family, notably son George Percy (aka Earl Percy).

Percy, you’ll remember for a previous episode of the Pippa soap opera, is a former flatmate of Pippa’s from their Edinburgh University days. She has kept up their friendship, platonic and otherwise, over the years, though more intense romantic rumours began circulating in early summer after a reported split with Loudon. They were seen together at various events and even shared a long weekend in Madrid.

George, heir to one of England’s more notable dukedoms, melted into the background when it appeared Loudon was back in the picture. Now, the Mail reports that Percy and his family hosted Pippa at their estate, with the group even taking in Remembrance Sunday church services in the local village.

Pippa reportedly sat with the parents while George took a seat in the pew behind. “I had noticed an attractive lady in the front row, but I did not realise it was her. She did look like Pippa Middleton,” the Rev. David Archer told the Mail.

Said one of the parishioners: “It caused a bit of a stir in the church.”


George is one of England’s most eligible bachelors and the family is tight with the Royal Family.

Is George the rebound romance, or simply another shoulder to cry on while ‘Pippa Power’ re-charges?

Stay tuned.


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