Canadian security costs for Will and Kate top $1 million


Prince William and his wife Kate push a plunger to officially start the Calgary Stampede on July 8. It cost more than $2 million for their Canadian tour, but numbers show their nine-day visit was also a huge boon to tourism. (AFP/Getty Images)

Keeping Kate and William safe during their nine-day Canadian tour last summer cost just over $1 million, according to RCMP documents.

The bill was about $73,000 more than what it cost to protect the Queen during her 2010 Canadian tour, according to numbers obtained by Postmedia, but that tour was only seven days.

The good news is that Kate and William didn’t seem to require as much maintenance when it came to room and board. Canadian Heritage said it spent about $1.2 million on the visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to take care of travel and accommodation. The Queen cost $2.8 million the year before.

At least some of Will and Kate’s lower expenditures can be accounted for by the relatively small number of staff (seven) that accompanied the newlywed royals.

The royals covered plenty of ground in their first official tour as a married couple, taking in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary, Prince Edward Island and the Northwest Territories.

Though anti-monarchists have traditionally bemoaned spending anything to fund a royal tour, there is evidence that the payback in tourism is enormous.

A report from Tourism Calgary declared that the couple two-day tour stop to the Alberta city helped inject $2.3 million to the local economy.


Cutting the Queen’s grass is getting more lucrative by the month.

Buckingham_palace1[1]Just two months after offering a modest $25,000 a year for a new “senior gardener” for Buckingham Palace, she has come back with a slightly less modest $27,000 for the year-long contract.

Given the fresh constraints on the Royal Household budget, this is tantamount to winning the lottery.

Though it still falls under the lousy-pay banner, the job does come with accommodation and other benefits. There are three or four gardeners to supervise as they prune, sod, repair and re-cycle throughout the 17-hectare lawn and gardens.

The emphasis is definitely on being “green.” There is one 800-metre area around the edge of the lake that is only cut every four years. Dead trees are left to rot away naturally. (There is currently a family of woodpeckers in one dead tree in the rose garden.)

You’ll also have to deal with the horse droppings from the Royal Mews, which gets turned into garden food, as are all the grass clippings and fallen branches around the property.


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How much did all those tourists in Ottawa spend, and how much was collected in sales tax revenue, and income tax both corporate individual as a result of the increased crowds? Lets say Hypothetically an extra 100,000 showed up and they spend 20 dollars a head. 2 million in revenue with a corp tax rate of 15%. so for every 100k there's a tax benefit of $150k assuming folks pay $20/head for parking food drinks souvenirs etc they otherwise wouldn't.
Someone should do the story from an increased business viewpoint rather than a woe is me taxpayer standpoint.
6 cities x $150k = $900k - Almost break even with conservative numbers.

the so called royals are pretty cheap when it comes out of their own pockets,do they not know the cost of living ? or do they think everbody gets all the perks like them.

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