The importance of being Pippa


Roll call ... anyone who heard of Pippa Middleton before 2011, please raise your hand.

Pippa backUh-uh ... that's what we figured.

Then came THE DRESS, and the videos, and the ass-appreciation societies, the broken romance, the rumoured romances, the papparazzi, the lookalikes, the book deal ... is it any wonder she ended up on so many year-end lists?

In the annual lists of top Google searches, Pippa is right up there, That accounts for her ranking in the category "fastest rising" in Google year-end lists of top searches. In Canada, she was No. 2; in Ireland, No. 1; around the world, No. 3.

She even made Barbara Walter's most fascinating people list. (Granted ... we worry about any list that also includes the Kardashians -- see Pippa segment below).
As Ms Walters points out, it may be Pippa's ample physical assets that started the ball rolling, but it's her mystery that continues to propel the interest. She smiles a lot, but never speaks. She doesn't run from the camera, but nor does she embrace it. She is an enigma, a fantasy sister, a dream girlfriend.


Becoming iconic, of course, has its price. There has been battles with Britain's Press Council, some embarrassing party photos and even more embarrassing attempts by others to cash in on her name. And, of course, some noble efforts to re-create her magic rear profile.

Remember the 15,000 crumpets used in a vast mosiac homage to Her Royal Hotness?

Pippa dirtMore recently, we have a car insursance website, Confused.com,sponsoring an effort by artist Scott Wade to point out the importance of cleaning your windshield.What's that got to do with Pippa?

Well, nothing, unless you want to creatively dirty up your glass with a mixture of limestone, gravel and clay. And then model the mess into a re-creation of Pippa's moment in the royal wedding day (right).

How all this plays within the Royal Family is just a guessing game. Big sister Kate is clearly protective, but there has been an arm's length relationship. How many times have you seen Pippa photographed with her sister since the wedding? Pippa is not part of the inner circle, she has no royal protection, no public funds coming her way. Yet she has become identified as part of royal identity.

All of which makes this Christmas significant. Her invitation to Sandringham by the Queen for Boxing Day is a clear acknowledgement of her place in projecting the royal image. That message won't be lost on her as she mingles with the bluebloods and munches on leftover turkey.

She has become a lot more than Kate's sister and she'll need all the help she can get in 2012.





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