Mission Improbable


Duchess of Alba Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart has takes a shine to Tom Cruise while attending the premiere of " Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol" this week in Madrid, Spain. (Getty Images)

Now, no one is suggesting they wouldn't make a nice couple, but somehow the idea of Tom Cruise and the always colourful Duchess of Alba hitting it off romantically seems a longshot, even if they are old friends.

Cruise-albaThe two met a few years ago when he was filming "Knight and Day" in Seville with Cameron Diaz and she attended the Spanish premiere in 2010 (right).

Judging by the photos from this most recent movie unveiling, Cruise and Cayetana have a cozy relationship, even though they are both happily attached to younger people.

To recap, plenty has happend to the 85-year-old Spanish Duchess, who has a few dozen royal titles and about $5 billion to her name, since she last met Cruise.

For one thing, there was a nasty soap opera, where she had to promise to hand over most of that fortune (after her death) to her six kids before they gave their less-than-enthusiastic blessing to her marriage to civil servant Alfonso Diez on Oct. 2.

He's 24 years younger and a whole lot poorer -- plus a commoner to boot -- but so far the pair have managed to fashion an outwardly happy existence. Of course, Diez hasn't had to compete with the likes of Tom Cruise, a mere boy at age 49.

The Duchess is back to her nightlife, red-carpet ways after recovering from a broken hip. That happened at her palace, shortly after returning from her honeymoon in France.

There doesn't appear to be any lasting effects of that injury, though the same can't be said for the many plastic surgeries the countess has gone through. Cruise, married to 32-year-old Katie Holmes, is rumoured to have had a few procedures of his own done, but no one is talking -- at least not the Duchess.



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I'm sure that Katie Holmes would like to know when Tom married Katy Perry?

Cruise is not married to Katy Perry, but Katie Holmes.

Mr. Cruise is married to Katie Holmes :).

Cruise is married to Katie Holmes, not Katy Perry.

Married to Katy Perry? I think Russell Brand may have something to say about this...

Tom Cruise is married to Katie Holmes, not Katy Perry...

My God!!!! The Duchess looks like she died about 30 years ago.!!

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