Prince Harry gets an earful in mugging incident

Prince Harry is no stranger to risks, with his military training in Apache attack helicopters.

When you’re a single prince with a leaning toward danger and girls, there’s no end to the possibilities for drama.

Such is the case for Prince Harry, who is once again back in the news on both fronts.

First, there was a real-life crime drama in which Harry plays a role. It has been revealed through police reports that on Nov. 30 at about 8:30 p.m., the prince was talking to his friend Thomas van Straubenzee over the phone.

All of a sudden, Harry could hear a scuffle going on at the other end of the line. Turns out that a mugger had grabbed van Straubenzee’s BlackBerry phone.

Concerned for his pal’s safety, Harry and one of his protection officers raced to their car and drove around the streets of southwest London looking for van Straubenzee. Failing to find him, they went to the nearest police station and, lo and behold, they found him there, giving a statement on the theft.

“He circled the streets for a while in his Audi before following intuition and finding his friend at a local police station in Battersea Bridge Road,” a royal aide told the Daily Mail. “The Prince wanted to be there to offer some comfort and friendly support.”

Harry offered his own version of events to police, then drove van Straubenzee home. The next day, a man was arrested and given bail pending a January court date.

117532418Not quite 007 stuff, but nice to know Harry had his friend’s back.

Van Straubenzee is a good friend to both Harry and William. They attended the same schools growing up and he was one of the ushers at William’s wedding.

And speaking of romance, there are rumblings that Harry may be back with the model he dated briefly in the summer, Florence Brudenell-Bruce (right).

Spencer Matthews, a British TV actor who says he knows Brudenell-Bruce “quite well,” claimed in a newspaper article that “there’s still something going on” between the prince and the lingerie model.

“She and Harry have enjoyed a few nights in together with a DVD on the sofa -- stuff we all do.”

The couple had apparently called it quits after just a few months as media attention intensified. Shortly after, Harry claimed he was “100 per cent” single.

Given his eye for the ladies, he may be slightly short of a perfect mark.


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It;s so dreadful that the royals have to ever be exposed to real life. It would be better if they had only contact with others safe in a castle who could invent happy stories .
It might cost a few dollars to provide this sort of "security" but I'm sure all members of the commonwealth would be happy to chip in.

Man, it would be great to date lingerie models and get coverage from major dailies just because of my lineage.

Rock on Harry; keep dressing up like a Nazi you ridiculous twit.

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