Royal in-laws open door for Kate

Kate and the in-laws enjoyed a double date when they attended a charity concert last week.

Maybe it's the Christmas spirit, or maybe, just maybe, these royals are actually getting along with each other.

Even if they're in-laws.

Word comes today via a "royal insider" with London's Daily Star that Prince William's bride, Kate, has been invited to stay with Prince Charles and Camilla while the second in line for the throne takes off in February for a six-week tour of duty in the Falklands.

That's mighty nice of them and Kate is said to be "thrilled" with the offer. Yes, it appears she actually does get along with in-laws. Camilla and Kate, despite being about 35 years apart, have all the appearances of being kindred spirits.

Camilla has taken to offering beauty and hair-styling advice to Kate, while in turn Kate has also earned some brownie points by stepping in for Charles when he couldn't attend a reception last month.

132669659Working your way into the inner circle of royal life can't be easy, and from all reports Camilla, herself an outsider, has been a friendly guide for the Duchess of Cambridge.

"At the best of times, the royal men just don’t have much sensitivity when it comes to helping ease new members into the royal life. They’re not unkind — they just don’t think," the Daily Mail quoted one royal source.

Moving in with Charles and Camilla at Clarence House makes more sense than staying near the RAF base in Anglesey, Wales, where William is based. Of course, Kate can always retreat to their cottage on the Kensington Palace grounds in London, but she hasn't appeared unwilling to be in her in-laws' company, either.

She gets along with C&C “like a house on fire,” said one friend.

“There is little doubt she will spend time with Charles and Camilla during that time. They are genuinely fond of her and want to help her as much as they can.”

And speaking of outsiders, what of Mike Tindall, who didn't earn any brownie points for his drunken behaviour during the World Cup of Rugby a few months ago. His new wife, Zara Phillips, has seemed in a forgiving mood, but mother-in-law Princess Anne was said to be furious.

That has apparently abated, with Tindall and Zara now slated to be part of the Royal Family get-together for Christmas at the Queen's retreat in Sandringham. They will be there for the Christmas Eve gift exchange and stay over for Christmas Day before Tindall heads back to his ruby-playing with Gloucester on Boxing Day.

"He won't be drinking any alcohol," one friend told the Daily Mail.

Good thinking.






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I'm sorry...did I just read that Camilla offers Kate style and hairdressing advice? Surely that's a typo.

The Duchess of Cambridge wasn't able to use her art history degree after graduation - perhaps she is being a big help to her in-laws and the royal family with their collections. She certainly can talk with her in-laws about the arts. What a dream - to "have a go" in the various royal collections.

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