The Queen, the adventurer ... and the jelly bean

Ben Fogle had conquered it all. Until he met a jelly bean.

Ben fogleThe British adventurer (right) has survived huge ocean waves in the Atlantic Rowing Race, frostbite and hypothermia while racing to the South Pole, a 4,800-kilometre mountain bike trek through the Rockies, running through the Sahara Desert, a year on a remote island, and a flesh-eating tropical disease.

Throw in his authoring of books on adventure and hosting TV reality shows in the UK, and he was a natural choice to join the small band of explorers and adventurers for a night of royal recognition with the Queen and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace.

Then the jelly bean struck. And stuck.

“It got in there after a last drunken throw of a jelly bean last night after a party," he told the Mirror before meeting the monarch on Thursday night. "Stupid. I don’t even like the things. It should have gone down by itself by now."

Frantic about the possibilities of choking on bits of confection in front of Her Majesty, he took action, tweeting along the way:

I can survive jungles, deserts and oceans but not.......jelly beans. 3 hours in Casualty A&E with one stuck in my throat.

"Anyone have a suggestions of how to remove this jelly bean from my throat before I meet the Queen tonight?

"6 cups of tea. 5 pints of water. Four slices of bread. A banana and a trip to A&E and it's still lodged.

"And worst of all.....it's an ORANGE flavour.

"The jelly bean and I are off to Buckingham Palace together for a gathering of explorers. It's like having a confectionery parasite.

"Why do sweets disappear so quickly when you want them and linger when you don't. It's like Willy Wonka's ever lasting gobstopper."

And finally, this morning:

Tweeps. Loyal followers. Ladies and Gentleman. The jelly bean has left the building. Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ... I gargled champagne at Buckingham Palace."

Yes, Mr. Fogle earned the right to say "bean there, done that."


Queen Elizabeth  meets Sir David Attenborough during a reception to celebrate exploration and adventure at Buckingham Palace on Dec. 8 at Buckingham Palace. (Getty Images)


Xmas card

The royal wedding was perhaps the most photographed events of the year. Little wonder that a few of those images would show up on Christmas cards from the Royal Family.

Prince Charles and Camilla picked this image, captured by Press Association's John Stillwell, shows the pair on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with Eliza Lopes, the 3-year-old child of Camilla’s daughter Laura, from her first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles. Eliza was one of the bridesmaids for Kate and William's April 29 wedding.

The outside of card features part of the Prince of Wales' crest and his wife's cypher.

On the inside, there's a red border around the photograph opposite the words "Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year."


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