Tulips in bloom inside Kate's closet

Kate dress

You've got to be quick if you want to turn your closet into a Kate Middleton shrine.

Just hours after the Duchess of Cambridge appeared at a charity concert Tuesday night in a Zara 'Lace Tulip Dress,' the company's website had been picked clean of its hottest property.

DressThe $119 dress was a departure for Kate, who has generally kept her High Street hemlines on the low side. But whatever she wears, it sells out. And, being the democratic sort, Kate has spread her store influence around, from Reiss to Topshop to Peter Jones.

Just as quickly as the dresses disappear from stores, they show up on eBay. The Zara mini is now being hocked on the auction site for well above retail.

The last time we saw Kate in a dress from the Spanish Zara chain was the day after the royal wedding (right), when she wore an cornflower blue $80 dress that, like everything else, immediately became an extinct creation.

Public appearances by the Duchess seems to always fuel more pregnancy talk, of course, mainly from the American tabloids. The British press has chosen to keep a lid on that talk until there is some actual news to report.

This time, it was all about how Kate held her clutch purse in front of her stomach. Clearly she'll be eating pickles and ice cream next.

One thing for sure ... expect a run on maternity wear when she finally does get in the family way. Or maybe -- given the copy-Kate effect -- we should be prepared for a population explosion.

The horse, the actress and the Queen

Nobody can say the Queen has lost her memory. In fact, she just bought one. With a Canadian history. For $800,000. From Elizabeth Hurley, no less.

Memory newLets back up. The purchase was actually for a horse called Memory, which is part owned by the actress through a syndicate.

The 3-year-old filly, winner of the Albany Stakes at Royal Ascot last year, was sold last week to the Queen through her racing manager John Warren. It will be used for breeding at the stud farm at Sandringham.

Memory was originally slated to go into the Tattersall mares sale, but just hours before it was to begin, it was announced that the horse had been sold privately.

Several horses were sold for more than $1.5 million, but the 20-member Highclere Thoroughbred Racing was reportedly quite happy with the Queen's cheque. They had bought the Irish horse for about $100,000.

The Canadian connection comes from the horse's pedigree. Her great-great grandfather is none other than Northern Dancer, whose bloodlines stretch around the globe to some the greatest horses of all time. 



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