Prince Harry to join Mount Everest expedition

Mount everest
Base camp at Mount Everest will put Prince Harry at 5,334 metres, about 600 metres short of the highest point in Canada (Mount Logan in the Yukon). (Shutterstock)

As if Prince Harry can’t find enough fun by flying helicopters and hopping through London nightclubs, he’s ready to check out the action on the world’s highest mountain.

Prince harryHarry will follow up on a promise he made last year to the ‘Walking With the Wounded’ charity for soldiers and join them on a trek up Mount Everest, according to reports.

Not all the way up, mind you.

But 17,500 feet is still a good hike, vertically speaking.

A source with the charity confirmed to the Sun newspaper in London that Harry, 27, will indeed be joining some soldiers for part of the expedition to conquer the 29,029-foot (8,848-metre) Himalayan mountain in April or May.

Harry’s part of the journey will take him to base camp, which is still a test of endurance since the oxygen in the air is less than two-thirds of what is available at sea level. (Might help if he gave up cigarettes for awhile.)

From base camp, the climbers will begin acclimatizing to the altitude before setting off to establish the four successive camps that mark the journey toward the summit.

Last April, Harry spent four days with a group of wounded servicemen in Norway (right) as they trained for a two-week trek to the North Pole. Harry is a supporter of the Walking With the Wounded charity, which raises money for injured UK troops. At the time, he promised the group he’d join them on their next adventure.

A few weeks ago, the Telegraph reported that Harry’s involvement would depend on his military commitments. The third in line for the British throne is expected to be part of a force heading for Afghanistan this year, the payoff for completion of his two-month advanced Apache helicopter training program in the U.S.

Harry is also expected to make the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations a priority. He is slated to represent the monarch in first solo royal tour this year that will take him to Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas.

Apparently, waving the flag for the Queen gets you warmer working conditions.


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