Puppy love grips William and Kate

Here are the facts as we know them:

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge were spotted walking along a beach in Wales apparently enjoying the solitude. But what's this? Something black and furry nipping at their wellies-covered heels.

Shutterstock_61124272Yes, it's a dog ... a black Labrador by the look of it. Or maybe a springer spaniel, though general consensus is that it is the former. (No, it is not the lab puppy pictured here, though they all kinda look alike, right?)

It's not quite the long-awaited addition to the Wales household people were looking for, but at this point it's polite not to be picky. And given that Kate's 30th birthday was last week, a dog is a pretty good gift to start family life.

“The dog is ever so cute,” the Mirror newspaper quoted a 'source.' “The Duke and Duchess have been seen with it several times and he runs along at their heels. They are constantly in fits of laughter as it tries to catch them up.”

WidgeonThere is no surprise that the royal couple would get a dog. In fact, it would be unusual if they didn't. Growing up, Kate had a black cocker spaniel named Otto. William had a black lab named Widgeon (left).

The history of dogs in the Royal Family is long. Queen Victoria had a collie, Noble, that was so beloved it was given his own gravestone on castle grounds. Edward VII had a terrier called Caesar that outlived the King and walked behind the casket of his master in the final procession. The Duchess of Cornwall owns two Jack Russell terriers.

Queen Elizabeth tops them all. Her father, King George VI, brought home a Corgi in 1933 and it immediately caught on with his two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret.

When Elizabeth became Queen, the Corgi tradition grew. Today she has three Corgies -- Monty, Willow and Holly -- and three Dorgis (corgi/dachshund mix) -- Cider, Candy and Vulcan. They have the run of the palace.

Word is that this new pup (you can see it here) will be splitting time between Wales and London. Maybe it can follow Kate on a few shopping trips. You never know when there'll be a photographer around to bite.

The Queen's brood of dogs are a part of royal life at the Palace. (AP)


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Please spell Katherine's name correctly it is Katherine not Catherine!

Sorry poster but her name is 'Catherine'

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