Kate sends William her love ... and new boxers

We know "The Kate Effect" works for the clothes she buys for herself, but what about stuff she buys for Prince William?

Say ... underwear.

UnderwearWe may soon out. The Sun tabloid in London is reporting that the Duchess of Cambridge's Valentine's gift for her hubby was a pair of $39 Ralph Lauren Polo undies (they run cheaper on this side of the pond). Medium pouch trunk boxers in stretch cotton to be exact. And black.

The paper uncovered this nugget from an insider at the Peter Jones store in Chelsea, a favourite department store haunt of the Duchess.

"The shorts are very popular and very trendy," said the source. "Kate knew what she wanted when she came in and went for the boxed trunks that give a very nice fit.  She is in here a lot buying clothes and stuff for their homes. It's nice to know we can be of such use."

It's not yet known if the Polo boxers are flying off store shelves the way Kate's wardrobe does when she appears in something new. (The socks-and-underwear business being a little less high profile.)

If anyone might be upset by this news, it would be Prince William pal David Beckham, who might feel snubbed Kate didn't grab a pair of his own line of underwear that was unveiled on TV ads during the Super Bowl.

Apparently she readied William's package -- which is marketed for athletic types -- for mailing to the Falklands, where William is in the midst of a six-week stint in helicopter search-and-rescue operations.

While making a charity appearance earlier this week, Kate let slip that William had sent her flowers and a card for Valentine's. According the Sun, the message on the card was: "Missing you."


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