Baby talk heats up for William and Kate

Catherine, Duchess  of Cambridge presents 'shamrocks' to the Irish Guards as she takes part in a St. Patrick's Day parade at Aldershot Barracks. (Getty Images)

By all reports, Prince William is about to return home in a few days from his six-week duty on the Falkland Islands.

That can mean only one thing -- talk about a royal pregnancy can heat up again.

141478575Not one to waste a moment, the Sunday Mirror has been quick off the mark, with “friends” saying the Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are ready to start their family while still being able to offer the child a few years in the relative obscurity of their home on the Isle of Angeley.

“Anglesey is perfect for them,” said the source. “The neighbours are welcoming and protective, the farmhouse where they live has the best security, and they love the area. The plan is to start ­trying after he comes back.”

To underscore the urgency of all this, it is pointed out that most British royals start families within the first year of marriage and the deadline for this couple’s one-year mark is just six weeks away.

Then again, this is also the Queen’s Jubilee year and William and Kate are due to for a royal tour of Malaysia, Singapore, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands in September. Going through the rigours of that exercise in your second trimester would perhaps be asking a bit much.

Nevertheless, that is unlikely to stop the rumour mill.

Perhaps some of those shamrocks Kate was handing out of the weekend might help (along with a sip or two of Bristol Creme, above).

The Duchess, proving to be well equipped to handle solo engagements, continued a 112-year-old royal tradition with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards in Aldershot.

On Monday, the 30-year-old Kate scores another first for herself in delivering a speech at the East Anglia's Children's Hospice in Ipswich. Word is that her father-in-law, Prince Charles, has been helping with some speech-writing tips.

There will probably be as much attention paid to what she wears, of course, as it seems to be for every occasion when she steps out.

For the Irish Guards on St. Patrick’s Day, the colour, naturally, was green … a Emilia Wickstead dress topped with a $345 hat from Lock & Co. Accessories included a gold brooch worn by the Queen Mother.

Forty officers and warrant officers were presented shamrocks, along with the Guards’ mascot, a 6-year-old Irish wolfhound named Conmeal.

Prince William, meanwhile, should be packing soon after his relatively-quiet tour of duty as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot on the Falklands. He was reportedly spotted doing something of a pub crawl in city of Stanley on Friday evening, a rare outing that was likely his final salute to the tour.

A few ales can’t hurt, either, in steeling himself for the leap back into the royal spotlight.

Move over, Kate.

Kate presents a 'shamrock' to the regimental mascot Conmeal as she takes part in a St Patrick's Day parade at Aldershot. (Getty Images)

Kate speaks to a some children who presented her with flowers at Aldershot. (Reuters)

The Duchess of Cambridge poses for an official photograph with the Irish Guards. (Getty Images)




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I am glad that I'm not a royal. No worries of having to have a kid so soon after marriage.

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