Prince Harry has his orders: 'No more pubs or parties'

Harry helicopter1

The party is officially over for Prince Harry.

With his royal tour out of the way, the British Army has banned him from pubs and parties as he prepares to join the forces fighting in Afghanistan later this year.

Step away from his Apache helicopter training course and he risks being left out of the action, sources have told the Sun paper in London.

Harry drink"He's been told in no uncertain terms his whole life is now dedicated to the Apache," a source is quoted in the paper.

"Harry has been told that his whole life is now dedicated to the Apache. If it isn't, he won't go to war — it's as simple as that. It's black and white, and the choice is his.

"He's been told that he can't spend every spare moment down the pub and can't risk spending more time on another Royal tour.”

With stiff upper lip, Harry has reported taken the warning to heart. A spokesman said the Army is now the 27-year-old captain’s “priority.”

The Prince returns to the UK on Wednesday from a few days off after his highly successful tour of Belize, Bahamas, Jamaica and Brazil. He’ll likely be heading directly to RAF Wattisham in Suffolk to resume his helicopter training. He’ll later be training in Kenya.

With this tour out of the way, Harry has essentially fulfilled his obligation as a member of the immediate Royal Family to conduct a Commonwealth visit. His brother William, also in the military, is due to travel with the Duchess of Cambridge to Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu in the second week of September. Prince Charles and Camilla will be in Canada in May, stopping in New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

"I'm in a very privileged position, so I'll use my title to help out where I can,” Prince Harry said in a CBS interview being aired this week. “But at the same time, we've (Harry and William) both got our military careers, and that's what we'll continue to do.

"I will help out with my grandmother whenever she needs me, but I have this job that does suck up a lot of my time, and that's the number one for me."

As for being a royal, Harry admitted to CBS that there were times when both he and his brother wished they were “normal.”

“But we've been born into this position,” he said. “And then therefore, we'll do what we need to do to make a difference to the people and to kids that need it, you know? It's, it really is that simple for us.”

If and when Harry is sent to Afghanistan, it could be for up to four months. He was last there in 2008, serving 10 weeks with ground forces.


Hat1Sophie, Countess of Wessex, doesn't catch as many media waves as Kate, but she knows when and where to make a splash now and then.

One of those occasions came Monday -- Commonwealth Day in the UK -- when the Royal Family attended ceremonies at Westminister Abbey.

As soon as she stepped from her car, she had cameras clicking thanks to her disc-shaped hat trimmed with large feathers.

Hat2Whatever the angle, the Jane Taylor creation upstaged every other hat at the service (to be fair, Kate wasnt' there).

Witness the now-you-see-her, now-you-don't moment with Camilla (right).

The service included Canadian singer Rufus Wainwright performing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."



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What an incredibly stupid looking hat!!!

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