Prince Harry: Perfect princess not easy to find

Prince harry

It's hard to dig deep in the sympathy pocket and come up with any tears for Prince Harry.

On balance, even he admits he's got it pretty good. 

So when he alludes to a love life that is, well, lacking, you've got to raise an eyebrow.

When CBS This Morning asked him whether his life lives up to a fairytale image, he said: "No, not at all, ha ha -- as any girl would ever tell you," he said in an exclusive interview that is being aired in three segments this week (see final part below).

“It’s sort of, ‘Oh my God, he’s a prince’. But no. The job that it entails -- I mean look at me, I’m 27 years old, and not so much searching for someone to fulfil the role, but obviously, you know, finding someone that would be willing to take it on."

He's right, of course, that it takes a special woman to take on the challenge of jumping into the Royal Family fishbowl. Harry's mother, Princess Diana, did not survive. Kate, perhaps because she is a mature 30, is proving to be a much better candidate.

Harry's longtime girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, finally decided this wasn't the life for her, despite its prestige.

Since splitting with her after the royal wedding, Harry's most public romance was with underwear model Florence Brudenell-Bruce. That summer fling out the way, he has generally played the field.

At one event, he announced he was "100 per cent single." Later, sources were quoted as saying that Harry essentially has no time for women since he's concentrating on his military career.

Fair enough, but his telling revelation to CBS suggests he's keeping his eye open.

Well, just to help him out, here's a few potential candidates to fill that void in his life. Perhaps they are not all built for a Windsor life, but they all have enjoyed a princess life, real or imagined.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte CasiraghiShe has some solid credentials. She's the daughter of Monaco's Princess Caroline and the granddaughter of Princess Grace, who slipped quite well into royal life after a Hollywood career. Casiraghi, 25, also has her own job, being the new face for Gucci advertising. Added bonus ... she has also recently split from her long-time boyfriend, Alex Dellal.

MadeleinePrincess Madeleine

Okay, the Swedish royal, left, has a boyfriend in fianancier Chris O'Neill. And supposedly they are moving in together in New York. But that doesn't mean Harry is out of luck. Madeleine's last relationship, with Jonas Berstrom, ended after eight years.

















Florence Brudenell-Bruce

It may have been just a summer fling, but Harry and underwear model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, right, seemed to hit it off quite well. She has lots of money, looks good on a red carpet and has a two last names.


DiazCameron Diaz

This Hollywood gal is about a dozen years older than Harry, but she has lost none of her fun side. She has had a succession of well known boyfriends, from Justin Timberlake to Keanu Reeves to Alex Rodriguez to P. Diddy Combs. Just about time for a Prince to settle her down. Plus she's very much a charitable spirit, lending her name and efforts to several worthy causes.












Pippa Middleton

You cannot mention possible mates for Harry without including the Duchess of Cambridge's sister, right. Yes, she is in a new, sort-of relationship, but Pippa clearly has shown she enjoys the fine life and has developed her own strategy in dealing with celebrity without having the cocoon of royal security to surround her. She has a head for business and a sister who knows the ropes. Also known to enjoy a party. Harry wouldn't object.

Chelsy Davy


Most people have closed the door on this seven-year, on-again, off-again relationship between Harry and Chelsy Davy, but this couple has a history. While Davy has tried to distance herself from it, there's no doubt this couple had chemistry. She is undoubtedly the woman Harry was thinking about when saying that it's tough to find a woman willing to take on the job of prince's wife. Once, she was willing. Could she be again?



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You'd probably might just rule out Diaz, Davy, Middleton; best bet is Monaco's and Swedes Princesses :)

Unless of course you take the other Middleton sister since one brother did.

Its a blessing that they are always positive people, who go out in the world and do good...must be difficult to have a big beautiful life with so much responsibility!

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