Charles and Camilla spending Victoria Day in Toronto

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Prince Charles and Camilla will be touring three provinces during their May tour of Canada.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will be spending Victoria Day weekend in Toronto, according to sources.

CharlesThe royal couple is due to visit three provinces -- New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan -- for their Canadian tour in May designed to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The Victoria Day weekend -- celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday and the unofficial start of summer -- falls on May 19-21.

The next in line for the British throne and his wife last visited Canada in 2009. Their 10-day tour covered four provinces, including Ontario. Their stop in Toronto during November included opening the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (right).

The Prince of Wales’ first visit was in 1970 as a 22-year-old. In total, he has been to Canada 15 times, touring every province and territory of the country.

Charles and Camilla will be frequent flyers for the Queen this year. Their Jubilee tours to Commonwealth countries also include Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Last month, the couple also toured Scandinavia.

Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, who visited Canada last summer, will be doing their Jubilee tour duty in Malaysia, Singapore, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu in September. Last month, Prince Harry visited the Caribbean on behalf his grandmother.


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Is it at all possible for the author(s) of these pieces to stop referring constantly to the "British throne" or "British monarchy" or such in the Canadian context? Prince Charles is obviously heir to the British throne, but he is also heir to the Canadian throne, which is quite separate from the British (Australian, Jamaican, New Zealand, Tuvaluan, & etc.) throne(s); this country is, after all, an independent country, not a colony.

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