Is there a King in Harry's royal future?

Mollie King's friends aren't shy about heating up talk of a royal romance in the making.

Harry’s not saying anything. And Mollie isn’t either (not even a Twitter hint).

But those around this Prince-King romantic tale seem quite happy to fuel the rumours of budding love.

The Daily Mail reports that friends of Mollie King, singer with the UK girl band The Saturdays, has had at least a couple of nightclub rendezvous in Chelsea with the 27-year-old Prince Harr.

The 24-year-old King is recently split from Dolce & Gabbana model David Gandy while Harry is still on the dating rebound from Chelsy Davy -- who may or may not still be in Harry’s sights depending on the wind direction and tabloid whim.

"(Harry and Mollie) have been to Public nightclub a couple of times and get along well,” a source told the Mail. “It's ironic because Mollie fell for David over Prince Harry, but now she seems very taken with Harry.

"They're having a lovely time together but she won't say anything publicly because she knows that will mean the end of it. She loves the publicity so she is happy to drop a few hints and keep people guessing."

One thing is sure -- sales of The Saturdays CDs aren’t likely drop off.

Harry should ask for a cut.


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I'm even sure that the Royal family will deny this issue.

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