Kate and William's wax doubles span the globe

Engage duo

Quick now ... can you spot the living, breathing humans? Okay, maybe it wasn't so hard, but it does entice a double-take. That's the real Will and Kate on the left, taken at their engagement announcement in November 2010. The Tussauds version on the right is accurate right down to the shoes. (Getty Images)

Madame Tussauds has solved that problem of not having enough Kate and William to go around. Simply make copies, then park them at strategic points around the world.

On Wednesday, the iconic waxworks museum unveils brand new versions of the royal couple at three of their museums in London, Amsterdam and New York. Each of the faux royal couples is framed in one of the settings in which they made public appearances.

Wax new yorkIn London's Tussauds shop, it's the royal engagement announcement from November 2010. In Amsterdam, it the couple as they appeared at the "War Horse" movie premiere in London in January. New York's museum features, naturally, a scene from Kate and Will's American stop after their tour of Canada last summer -- the BAFTA Brits To Watch gala in Los Angeles in July.

In each case, Tussauds gets full marks for the lenghts in went to create a royal experience. In London, Daniela Helayel of Issa re-created the same dress Kate wore on her media unveiling. Prince William has on the same Gieves and Hawkes suit and he's even wearing a replica Omega Seamaster watch.

The Amsterdam display features Kate's black Temperley gown and in New York the Duchess is wearing a replica Alexander McQueen full-length gown (right).

Each of the figures reportedly cost $237,000 and took four months to make.

It's all good timing for Tussauds, who are counting on big crowds this Easter weekend who might want to be snapped next to the couple ("Sure, that's me and Kate ... just squint a bit").

The unveilings come just about three weeks ahead of William and Kate's first anniversary on April 29.

Visitors pose with waxwork models of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam on Wednesday. Simultaneous images of them are being unveiled at Madame Tussauds London and New York, with each couple shown in their own style. (Reuters)

A gallery assistant at Madame Tussauds poses with the not-quite alive Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on Wednesday in London. (Reuters)


Considering all the photos taken of the Royal Family over the years, you would think there are not many that haven't been unearthed.

But that's where the BBC's "Antiques Roadshow" comes in. This week's episode features a picture of Princess Diana with her two boys taken by Lord Snowdon, who has taken many royal portraits. A former Snowdon assistant brought in the picture, which she said was never generally released.

The photo, taken in the early 1990s, features Diana with her hands on the heads of her two boys, Will and Harry, who are kneeling at her feet.

The Roadshow expert valued the photo at between $615 - $770. Here's an ABC report on the find:



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The replicas of The Duchess are freakishly lifelike.

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