Nudists aim to be Will and Kate's neighbours

Llandwyn Island a small magical place off Newborough Beach Isle of Anglesey North Wales
Llanddwyn Island is an oasis for those who like picnics by the seashore, a day of rustic exploration, or even some nude sunbathing. (Shutterstock)

The town of Anglesey has become famous in the past few years as the home of William and Kate -- at least while the Prince is stationed at RAF Valley.

Apparently, that is not quite enough to boost local tourism, though. British Naturism -- an organization of UK nudist groups -- wants to turn one of sandy seasides near Kate and Will’s home in Wales into a designated nudist beach.

Cpt50067292_20110624062546The Newborough beach area includes Llanddwyn Island, which is named for the patron saint of Welsh lovers. Its scenic vista has also made it a good movie set (some scenes from 2010’s Clash of the Titans were shot in the region, as was Half Light with Demi Moore).

Of course, the sandy shores are also close to home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and a fine spot for walking their new cocker spaniel. (By all accounts, though, Will and Kate prefer to keep clothiers in business.)

Some parts of the beach have long attracted nudists, but locals say it's time to put controls on it, lest they and their kids have their nature walks interrupted by naturist walkers.

The people who enjoy the all-tanned look say the official designation would be good for tourism. Some locals are a little more wary.

"It would be better either for them to be banned or, if they are going to be there anyway, for there to be proper regulation," local councilor Peter Rogers told the Telegraph. "It's not the nudists who are really the problem, but the people who go and watch them from the trees."

British Naturism has about 10,000 members, according to its website.

"We support this call although we don't need official designation,” said the organization’s commercial manager Andrew Welch. “It takes away the hassle factor because a lot of people see naturism as illegal. Naturism isn't against the law … you can't legislate about what someone wears.”

True enough. Just don't expect any royal walkabouts.



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The section of the beach that has been frequented by Naturists now for many years is well away from where the general public normally stray, so there has never, to my knowledge, been any problems caused by Naturists.

There have, however, been a couple of cases of harassment of Naturists at Newborough, despite the fact that Naturism is not illegal on any beach in the UK. Naturists have even been told that there are local bylaws against nudity, however, no such bylaw exists as far as we have been able to find out and even if it did, there would be good legal grounds to challenge its validity.

Official designation, although an unnecessary process, would remove the possibility of Naturists being harassed in this way. Unfortunately, it also tends to create the impression that nudity is illegal elsewhere, when this is not the case. It can also attract an undesirable crowd, so to be really effective, designation as a Naturist beach should be accompanied by proper 'policing' of the beach. This could be done by local wardens or by the Naturists themselves as well as the local police. Most effective is when all of these parties work together as happens most effectively on Studland beach in Dorset.

I should also point out that this would not be the first official Naturist beach to be close to a royal residence.

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