Prince Harry praised for riding to the rescue

Prince Harry helps Bash Kazi, who was knocked unconscious after being thrown from his horse while participating in the Sentebale Polo Cup in Campinas, Brazil, on March 11. The incident happened on the final day of the Prince's week-long tour of the Caribbean and Brazil. (Reuters)

Like the song says (sort of), when you’re down and troubled and you need a helping first-aid hand, who are you going to call?

You can’t do better than Prince Harry, at least according to the British Red Cross … and one very grateful polo player from Washington, D.C.

Harry3Harry has earned some praise for his quick thinking a few weeks ago when he was participating in a charity polo match in Brazil. At one point, three horses were on a collision course while chasing the ball. One horse couldn’t stop and slammed into Bash Kazi’s horse. Kazi, a 41-year-old defence contractor, was thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious.

The Prince, who was not involved in the play, was the first to reach Kazi, jumping down from his mount and gently rolling Kazi onto his side, or the recovery position, enabling him to breathe easier.

“Given the prince is a veteran of Afghanistan and an active duty officer in the British Army, he’s presumably had good training in basic trauma care – so it’s not surprising he knew what to do,” the Red Cross said on its blog.

“But his actions do underline a very serious point: when accidents happen, particularly on a sports field, someone needs to have the confidence and skills to step in immediately and help.”

Kazi is certainly glad he did.

The third in line for the British throne “is a fabulous person” and “such a gentleman,” Kazi told the Washington Post.

“I remember waking up with these piercing blue eyes looking at me.”

Kazi was helped from the field, but later returned to the match.

“I think I had a minor concussion,” he said, “but I’ve since had a CT scan and everything is clear.”



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