Queen's security in deep water for Jubilee on Thames


Here's one artist's impression of how the royal barge migh look as its taking part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee pageant along the river Thames on June 3. (AP)

PHOTO GALLERY: Decorating the Queen's royal barge

One of the most spectacular events of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is also one of its most dangerous.

On Sunday, June 3, about 1,000 boats -- from historic boats to yachts to canoes -- will travel about 11 kilometres down the Thames from Chelsea to Tower Bridge in London led by the new royal barge, Gloriana.

It promises to be a visual delight for the more than a million spectators expected. And a headache for security forces.

“The police and security services are entering unchartered territory," Professor Anthony Glees, director of security and ­intelligence studies at the University of ­Buckingham, told the Mirror newspaper.

“The security services have to find a way to secure seven miles of river, seven miles of footpaths, seven miles of airspace, seven miles of homes and apartments."

The pageant is costing about $19 million, funded by private donations and sponsorships. That doesn't include security costs, which will be massive.

“Make no mistake about it, the royal family will be a trophy to terrorists or so-called activists," said Glees. “They will be travelling extremely slowly and will be in full public view. You can’t speed off at 50 mph like you can in a car if something goes wrong.”

The royal barge itself is 27 metres long (88 feet) and will carry the Royal Family. The Spirit of Chartwell, a luxury touring boat, is being converted for the Jubilee and renamed Gloriana.

When finished the boat will resemble one used by the Mayor of London in the 1800s. Renovating the boat will cost close to $800,000.

'The Spirit of Chartwell' before its extensive conversion into the Jubilee royal barge.


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"Security costs will be massive"! Maybe lizzie and the leaches can just stay home? A real home? No castle stuff? Admit they are merely human, have accomplished nothing productive, are taking fortunes away from the "little" people of the kingdom through their pomp and ceremony? They can live in a phoney fairy-land across the pond, but let's dump it here in the colony!

I wonder how many homeless people that $800,000 would shelter. What a royal rip off.

Talk about complete ignorance. Since you obviously do not grasp the role of the monarchy in our system of government maybe you should keep your uninformed, and ignorant, opinions to yourself.

The whole Royal Family together at one time moving slowly in a barge for 11 kilometres on the Thames ? I don't know..."dangerous" doesn't seem quite the right word. Foolish is a better one.

I think you'll find that the income to the city and country (jobs in hospitality, shops, etc.) will be MANY times more than the expense.

Tourism benefits willmore than pay for expenses. Wish I could go!!

Not even the income from tourism, but the fact that the government makes money off of those castles, Crown Estates, etc., as they were given to the British Parliament in return for a yearly stipend to the Queen or King in power.

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