Pippa adds some PR muscle to build image

Pippa Middleton, whose bottom brought her international attention, watched her reputation bottom out after the infamous gun incident in Paris.

PippaHer looks still fascinate, but the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister lost some public lustre last month after being photographed sitting in a car while the driver pointed a ‘fake’ gun at a photographer.

Damage done, Pippa has taken steps to puts some glitter on her glam, according to the Telegraph. Step 1 has been to get some advice from 81-year-old public relations guru David Wynne-Morgan.

The long-time PR man -- and one-time newspaperman -- once had Prince Charles as a client as he rehabbed his reputation. Wynne-Morgan would not comment, but one of his associates told the paper: “Pippa wanted his advice on how she should deal with her PR.”

Pippa has plenty at stake in her battle for favourable public opinion. She walks the thin line between keeping controversy from the Royal Family, building her party planning business, and being seen as a stylish girl about town.

As in Paris, the worlds often collide.

Not surprisingly, there’s a financial motive as well to put her back on the public radar in a good way. She has a book coming out about how to put on perfect parties – apparently titled ‘Celebrate’ – in October. It’s close enough to Christmas and far enough away from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations maximize her exposure and profits. The book deal with Penguin will reportedly earn her $645,000.

To sell that many books – and keep her bottom on top --Wynne-Morgan is just what the spin doctor ordered.


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