Pippa ponders move to New York, says report

Pippa Middleton is ready for a change. A big change … as in “goodbye London, hello New York.”

PippaThe Duchess of Cambridge’s  party-planning sister, fresh from a scandal in Paris, is preparing to start fresh in the Big Apple, according to Grazia magazine.

“Pippa had been considering a move to Paris,” the magazine quotes a source. “But now that's off the list she has been investigating her options in America. She would love to move to New York as she'll be spending time there when her book launches in the autumn."

It would not be a surprise move should it happen. The 28-year-old has been a non-stop target of paparazzi since her sister’s wedding last April and while she gets as much attention as the royals, she has none of their protection.

Although she is in close contact with her older sister Kate, Pippa is mostly seen publically at parties. It landed her in hot water a few weeks ago when she was photographed in Paris, riding in a car as the driver pulled a fake pistol and pointed it at a following photographer.

This week, it is reported that she is seeking some public relations advice to improve her image as a party girl gone astray, both with the public and with her sister’s in-laws. “Pippa has felt a frosty front from many in the royal set since Paris … it hasn’t been easy,” a source told Grazia.

Pippa has usually been careful to avoid embarrassment to the Royal Family, but she is also facing criticism for cashing in on her royal connections with the release of her upcoming party-planning book, ‘Celebrate.’

Her book deal with Penguin is worth $645,000. What better place to sell a book than New York, or to make a home in a town that is celebrity-friendly, far from the paparazzi frenzy of London?


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Why doesn't she consider a move to Canada, a member of the Commonwealth. Perhaps, our country just isn't exciting enough for her. Yet, another reason to abolish the monarchy.

What income does she have?

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