Pippa cancels London Olympics appearance: Report


There's a report today that Pippa Middleton has cancelled planned Olympics duties with a London-based charity.

The Telegraph reported in January that Pippa would be doing something for the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust, which helps disadvantaged young people with support and mentorship from sports stars. The report was vague on what exactly Pippa was going to do.

But according to today's report, Pippa will be doing no such thing. It's perhaps not a huge surprise. Last month Pippa's image took a huge hit when she was photographed driving around Paris while the driver wielded a gun. The driver, a lawyer, insisted the gun was a fake, but many questions remained about Pippa's judgment.

Earlier this month it was reported that Pippa had taken steps to put the shine back into her now-tarnished image. It's possible that keeping a low profile for a while is part of the plan, especially with the Jubilee celebrations in full swing. According to one source, Pippa has even been contemplating a move to New York, far away from the European paparazzi.

Pippa has a party-planning book coming out this fall, for which she is reportedly being paid $645,000 by Pengiun.


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did they run of booze and party goers already

even royal groupies/hangers on are as sleazy as the royals

I'm not sure Ms Middleton should be held accountable for her friend's act of poor judgement.

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