Prince William should be next on throne, poll says

Queen guard
Queen Elizabeth inspects the guards during the ceremony to present new colours to the 1st Battalion and No. 7 Company the Coldstream Guards at Windsor Castle, near London on May 3. (Reuters)

Move over Prince Charles. Please.

That’s the message from an Angus Reid poll in which a majority of respondents from three countries -- Canada, Australia and Britain -- said they would prefer Prince William to become king after Queen Elizabeth.

Surprisingly, the poll about the Royal Family also found that only about a third of Canadians are content to have their country remain a monarchy.

Charles williamAmong the 2,005 Canadians polled, 37 per cent said they favoured an elected head of state. In Australia, where republicanism has a strong foothold, only 28 per cent preferred the republic option. In Britain, 54 per cent remain loyal to the notion of monarchy.

The poll also revealed that the Queen has been surpassed by her grandson William and his wife Catherine as the most liked members of the Royal Family.

That is hardly surprising considering how the young newlyweds captured the world’s attention since the royal wedding, though the Queen is still a strong third. In Canada, William scores 77 per cent approval to 73 for Kate and 71 for the Queen. They are followed by Prince Harry (66%), Prince Philip (51%), Prince Charles (34%) and Camilla (21%).

The survey, which polled about 5,550 adults in the three Commonwealth countries, showed support for the monarchy is strongest in Britain with 54 percent preferring to keep the royal model. However, in the three countries surveyed, between 20 and 30 per cent said being a republic or a monarchy makes no difference.

While 47 per cent of Canadians favoured having Prince William as the next King, another 28 per cent said there should be no monarch after Elizabeth. In Britian, 51 per cent favoured William as the next monarch compared to just 31 per cent for Charles. Another 12 per cent preferred no replacement for Elizabeth.



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of course ...if public opinion mattered in picking who was on the throne...it wouldn't be a monarchy would it?

A poll of 2,005 Canadians hardly represents the opinions of a nation with a population of over 34.7 million people. Where did they call? Quebec?
I highly doubt that Prince William would be comfortable shoving his father out of line for the throne. Prince Charles may have his character flaws and behaved horribly during his marriage, but he has worked very hard for his country and deserves his shot at being King. Although, if the Queen lives as long as her mother did, he has a long time to wait still.

What is needed is the British government to come up with a plan to convince Prince Charles to step aside. If this were to happen, I for one would be in favour of Canada sticking to the Monarchy. I believe many people in the Commonwealth look at Prince Charles as a bit of a twit. If Charles becomes king I expect other countries will drop the Monarchy.

The British monarchy is not a popularity contest! Anyone who expects Charles to defer the throne to William is quite ignorant of the family's history with the abdication of Edward VIII and the sense of duty embodied by George VI.

Never the less, I will state quite categorically that Canada does not need the monarchy! Nor does it need red coats on Mounties, nor coats-of-arms, nor a beaver as a symbol, etc. This country is quite mature, can stand on its own two feet and is capable of making its own way in the world.

However, you may ultimately decide that these things are, in fact, worth keeping. They are cohesive aspects of our culture, laws, and traditions. The monarchy and its trappings are a special relationship between countries that does not foresake modernity merely because it's maintained.

In the rush to make everything in our existence current and relevant, take care not to cut away the foundations. Do not build your house on sand.

Useless family and useless topic. Monarchy is a matter of 13th century. Let go and let these pests fall into nothingness- where they belong.

Adding up the percentages makes no sense. Isn't 100% the max??
But having William succeed makes a lot of sense for those of us that like the tradition.

Paragraph three compares apples to oranges.
"Among the 2,005 Canadians polled, 37 per cent said they favoured an elected head of state... In Britain, 54 per cent remain loyal to the notion of monarchy."
This is confusing. We never are told what percentage of Canadians remain loyal to, or support, the constitutional monarchy system.

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