Diamond Jubilee garden party goes on without Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II talks with guests during a garden party in honour of her Damond Jubilee at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk on Tuesday. (AFP/Getty Images)

About 3,500 people attended a Diamond Jubilee garden party at the Queen's Sandringham residence on Tuesday, but the absence of one person did not go unnoticed.

Prince Philip was expected to attend the event, but was a late scratch as he continues to recuperate at Buckingham Palace after a five-day stay in hospital being treated for a bladder infection.

Queen 1The 91-year-old Duke of Edinburgh will also not be well enough to accompany the Queen to engagements in East Midlands on Wednesday.

Prince Andrew stood in for his father at the Sandringham event which is an official thank-you to residents of Norfold and Suffolk contributing to community life.

It's the first time a garden party was held at the estate -- which is where the Queen spends Christmas -- since 2002's Golden Jubilee.

The Queen, wearing an apricot hat and coat, was welcomed to her backyard party by the band of the Royal Marines before she plunged into the crowd.

When the Queen visits Nottingham on Wednesday, she will be accompanied by Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. On Thursday, she will be in Hertfordshire.

Philip's recent health problems are being traced to last weekend's Jubilee pageant on the Thames. In cold, rainy weather, the Prince stood for four hours on the Spirit of Chartwell barge as the thousand-boat flotilla made its way down the Thames. He was admitted to hospital the next day, missing out on the Jubilee concert and service of thanksgiving.

He left hospital in London on Saturday, the day before his 91st birthday.

Queen 2
The Queen receives a round of applause from guests to conclude a garden party in honour of her diamond jubilee at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk on Tuesday. (AFP/Getty Images)

Queen 3 Queen Elizabeth, left, waves while receiving a round of applause from the guests at the garden party in honour of her Diamond Jubilee at Sandringham. Behind her is son Prince Andrew, standing in for his ill father. Below, Prince Philip waves as he leaves the King Edward VII Hospital in London on June 9. (Getty Images)

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