Jubilee Quiz No. 6: How well do you know Queen Elizabeth?


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip watch the horses in the parade ring before The Derby on Saturday in Epsom, England, as the four-day celebrations begin celebrating the monarch's 60 years on the throne. (Getty Images)

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations are in full swing and, despite the general economic blues most countries feel these days, there’s no hint that it has dampened the party spirit in Britain.

It hasn’t hurt that the Brits are getting a few extra days off from work to raise a toast to their monarch, either.  Celebrations will continue Monday with a special concert headed by Sir Paul McCartney, and on Tuesday all the regal splendour will be on display with a procession from St. Paul’s to Buckingham Palace, with the Queen taking a symbolic royal bow from the balcony.

There hasn’t been a Diamond Jubilee since Queen Victoria’s in 1897, and it’s likely the world will have to wait even longer for the next one.

Sixty years is a long time in any job. And 60 questions to test your knowledge of the Queen just barely scratches the surface. 

In our last of six quizzes (10 questions each) to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, we touch on several areas of the Queen’s life, so lets just call this the variety pack.



QUIZ NO. 1: The Queen and Canada

QUIZ NO. 2: The Queen and family

QUIZ NO. 3: The Queen and her homes

QUIZ NO. 4: The Queen's early life

QUIZ NO. 5: The Queen and her travels


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How well does the Toronto Star know Ontario? Lakefield College School is located in Lakefield, Ontario, in Peterborough County, not Aurora.

John Turner, not Mackenzie Bowell, was the last Prime Minister to be born in the United Kingdom.

Re diamond maple leaf brooch - The answer is 1939.
"It was the Queen Mother who first wore the diamond-encrusted brooch. "
---Ridiculous error.
- It was Queen Elizabeth, wife of the reigning monarch George VI who was presented with this gift from Canada.
It was the Dowager Queen, Mary of Teck, widow of King George V, was in the
'Queen Mum' spot in the royal family tree 1939, although we didn't refer to her that familiar way.
The former Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, lends it to her daughter, still Princess Elizabeth for 1951 royal tour.
As Qeen Elizabeth she inherited a decade ago upon the death of her mother.
- Pretty shallow questions to cover 86 years of her life and 60 on the throne.
Maybe you should have had some who was around back then to help.
What was British war veteran Elizabeth Windor's rank in the army ?
What was her younger sister's nickname? What was hers ? etc

Lakefield College School is in Lakefield, not Aurora!!


The answer is Lakefield College School. Prince Andrew attended the school in XXXX Aurora, Ont., XXXX for six months in 1977 as part of an exchange program.

Lakefield College School is in -- Surprise -- Lakefield, ON. St. Andrew's College, which Prince Andrew did NOT attend, is in Aurora, ON.

TILT 2.0

48th Highlanders of Canada, not 8th Highlanders

The answers are wrong on 2 questions. It was the Queen Mother who attended the Queens Plate in 1973 when Royal Chocolate won - it was not the present Queen. Again it was the Queen Mother & George VI (the present Queen's parents) who visited Canada in 1939.

Is she Canadian?

What a custmes party is it hun? What is the matter with these pot pie hats britsh women love? Can't stand how kitch it is. Well, I know there are tastes for everything but for me they look like a vintage light fixture.

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