Kate gets back to nature ... sort of

Kate camp
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge sits around the campfire with children as she visits the 'Expanding Horizons' Primary school camp at Margaret MacMillan house in Wrotham, Kent, on the weekend. (AFP/GettyImages)

She still had her earrings, ring, makeup and well-combed hair, but otherwise, the Duchess of Cambridge seemed to fit in quite well for her weekend camping experience with inner-city kids.

Dressed in jeans and rubber boots, Kate spent part of a day with 28 youngsters (ages 8 and 9) at a camp for the 'Expanding Horizons' project in Wrotham, Kent. It's part of the ARK Schools, which is one of charities supported by her, Prince William and Prince Harry, giving kids a chance to go camping in the countryside.

The children came from London and, for many, this was their first foray into the world of overnight camping. Kate took a hands-on approach to the visit, joining the kids in roasting some dough over a campfire, slogging through mud and checking out their tents.

At one point she was invited into one of the tents by 8-year-old Zahid Shanvere, who held open the tent flap and said: “After you.”

“What a gentleman,” Kate retorted, giggling as she went inside.

The children traded friendly chat with the duchess, asking her about her job. "It's very busy and great fun, but I am very well looked after," she replied. Another asked how long she would be on the throne. "It's not actually my job yet," she replied, according to the Mail.

After several hours, Kate zipped back to civilization on board a helicopter, joining other royals at a charity polo event.

Camp kate1
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge goes for a walk with campers from the 'Expanding Horizons' Primary school camp. (AFP/GettyImages)

Camp kate2
Kate takes a little shelter with young people during a visit to the 'Expanding Horizons' Primary School Project. (Reuters)

Camp kate3
The Duchess of Cambridge examines one of the makeshift tents at the camp. (Getty Images)

Camp kate4

RIGHT: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, comes out of a tent as she visits the 'Expanding Horizons' Primary school camp in Wrotham, Kent. (AFP/GettyImages)


















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Kate, Dutchess of Cambridge, by all accounts is a simple genuine down to earth person- like her late mother-in-law, Princess Di. I wish and hope she remains a simple person and a good role model in the Queen's family.

With all due respect to Akhtar, I don't feel that Kate is a role model. For the 10 years, she was dating Prince William, she never worked but kept herself on call & available,for whenever he phoned! In my opinion, she is NOT a role model due to her past work eithics..

Everything these people do is garbage and nonsense. Bloodline? Which one? Historically there is no truth in this and it truly is all pomp and circumstance.

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