Honeymoon photos of Prince William and Kate spark Palace anger

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Despite pleas for privacy, photos from Kate and William's honeymoon have appeared in an Australian magazine. (Reuters)

The debate over royal privacy is raging today after an Australian gossip magazine published pictures of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge on their honeymoon.

Women's Day has printed 16 "world exclusive" pictures of the couple from their 10-day stay in the Seychelles last year, in spite of an verbal, if not written, agreement that their time on the island would be off limits to the media.

The cover photo shows Will and Kate walking along a beach hand in hand, with Kate wearing a black bikini and her new husband in swim trunks. The headline "Our Island Paradise" seemed especially over the top, since the couple clearly never authorized publication of the pictures.

SeychellesA handful of bloggers have re-published the cover, but news websites have generally steered clear. Whoever the photographer was, he/she managed to bypass some pretty intense security around the couple on the island (right).  Some media were aware of the couple's destination before they took off after the wedding, but kept the secret (at least for a few days) by agreement with the Palace.

Women's Day execs haven't commented, but the British papers are saying that William is especially angry  about the breach. "They feel it is a significant invasion of a very private, special time," a source told the Daily Mail.

St. James's Palace responded in like fashion: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge considered their honeymoon to be a very private event after their hugely public wedding," said a spokesperson. "For this reason they asked the media to respect their privacy."

Why these photographs surfaced now is unclear -- so long after the April 29, 2011 wedding -- but the photographer may have had trouble shopping the pictures around because of the privacy agreement. Whatever the circumstances, this will likely ignite once again the issue of the royals' right to privacy William has been especially sensitive in protecting Kate from prying paparazzi.

However, the royals also know that the media serves their own interests of promoting their charity work and causes. Drawing the line between public and private royals has been a messy contest between the Palace and the media.

Details of Will and Kate's honeymoon destination leaked out shortly after they arrived on North Island in the Indian Ocean's archipelago containing 115 islands. They stayed at a luxury villa that reportedly cost about $6,200 a day.


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Where are the photos?

Why should they have any privacy? This honeymoon is 100% funded by the public. They will continue to suck from the public teat for the rest of their lives so they have given up their right to privacy. Want the cameras put away? Get a job.


William is the one who's so protective of Kate? Tons of media prior to the wedding suggested that it is Kate who loves media attention, and indeed their wedding was delayed because they had a fight - he wanted her to prosecute a tabloid and she didn't want to. While I'm skeptical of a great amount of this kind of press, I do believe Kate likes the attention - just like William's late mother did. William is not "protective" of Kate... he is trying to control the situation. The problem is that it's hard to persuade the media to only come to your party at your invitation... they also come uninvited.

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