Kate gives Olympics a lift with visit to portrait gallery exhibit

The Duchess of Cambridge listens to a speech during her visit to the 'Road to 2012 : Aiming High' exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London July 19, 2012. Catherine is the Patron of the gallery. (Photo by Sang Tan/Reuters)

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, helped launch an Olympic exhibit yesterday at the London's National Portrait Gallery. The exhibit, entitled Road to 2012: Aiming High, "celebrates athletes and those working behind the scenes to make the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games happen."

Wearing a Crepe dress by Stella McCartney, Kate was welcomed by dignitaries and athletes.

The Duchess of Cambridge is shown around by the Director of the National Portrait Gallery, Sandy Nairne, during her visit. (Photo by Sang Tan/Reuters)

The event was one of many Olympic events the Royal Family is expected to attend in the coming weeks.

Naturally Kate's appearance sparked more pregnany rumours. This, for example, from the Daily Beast:

I’m going to state this as plainly as I can and I hope I don’t offend anyone because that is never the Royalist’s intention; I think Kate’s boobs are looking bigger. It might just be the cut of the £500 Stella McCartney dress (it 'embodies easy luxury with it's minimalist silhouette’ according to the Selfridges website) but I do believe I also detect a pregnancy-like proto bump on her admittedly rather slender body, poring through the pictures of today’s outing.
In several shots she has her hands held over her tummy, or clasped in front of her abdomen, and earlier this month, at the Order of the Thistle inauguration in Scotland, she held a bag over her tummy when photographers were around.

Never mind that Kate has long favoured this position for her hands when they're not doing something.

The Duchess of Cambridge talks to photographers (from left) Johnathan Anderson, Edwin Low and Paralympian Alexandra Rickham during her visit to the 'Road to 2012 : Aiming High' exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London July 19, 2012. (Photo by Sang Tan/Reuters)

The Examiner has this take on the persistent rumours:

Of course every appearance Catherine Middleton makes creates buzz as fans are knee-deep in a royal baby bump or pregnancy watch. From the looks of the latest photos from this outing, however, it appears that a Kate Middleton pregnancy is not something fans will be hearing about quite yet.



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SO many things happening in this world and yet people are analyzing pictures of a human being to determine whether or not she is pregnant......let's wait a few months to find out instead of breaking down her every single movement.

Is this just a nice way to say she's getting fat?

How a successful woman, who happens to marry a wealthy and famous man, has been reduced to an object about which people only discuss her wardrobe, her status as a breeder, and her weight. Despite a very strong feminist movement, the media still portray the stereotypes that woman are only to be valued for how they look and for their ability to breed. When I read this paper, I realize that very little has been accomplished all those years...

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