Kate packs a powerful punch for royal charity

Royal trio
The royal trio of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry has made a significant difference to the bottom line of royal charity giving. (AP)

Apparently, these young royals are not just a bunch of pretty faces.

They are money magnets as well, and some charities are a little better off this year because of it.

The power of the royal trio -- and especially Kate -- is revealed this week in the release of the annual report of their united charity effort, The Royal Foundation of  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. It’s a rather long-winded and pretentious title, but in this case perfectly justifiable.

The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry was set up in September 2009 and over the next year raised more than $900,000. Last year -- under the new name and with Kate joining the royal brothers on the marquee -- that figure has jumped to $7.6 million.

The money is continuing to roll in thanks to Kate’s wedding dress exhibit at Buckingham Palace’s annual summer tour. More than $15.7 million was earned through ticket sales -- an increase of $5.5 million over last year -- for the Royal Collection expenses (taking care of state-owned property). The Palace was so thankful for the extra business created by the Sara Burton-designed dress, they are giving about $475,000 to the Royal Foundation.

The Foundation’s statement outlined donations made to 30 different charities, almost all of them falling under the three different pillars of giving for the charity: Young people, conservation, and military veterans. Most were also included in the gift fund that was set up before the royal wedding in April 2011 with Kate and William asking for donations rather than wedding gifts.

One of the beneficiaries of that initiative was the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, which was given $24,000 via the registry thanks to William's penchant for search-and-rescue operations.

The charities that benefited most via the royal connection were the Walking with the Wounded ($205,000), the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association ($190,000) and Fields in Trust ($158,000), which protects recreational space.



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Poor Harry... the Royals really need to start paying attention to how they stand on that balcony. Too funny!

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