Kate's wedding dress exhibit rakes in a cool 10 million pounds


The Queen may have called it creepy, but that didn't stop hundreds of thousands of people from buying tickets to see the Royal Wedding Dress exhibit at Buckingham Palace.

The exhibit, which ran from July 23 to Oct. 3 last year, was expected to rake in roughly 8 million pounds when it opened. But, citing recently released numbers, the London Evening Standard is reporting that the exhibit actually made 10 million pounds in ticket sales, thanks to the 626,678 people who bought tickets for the exhibit (which works out to about 16 pounds per ticket.)

Today’s figures show for the first time the “Kate effect” on the royal family’s finances. It dwarfs the estimated £35,000 cost of her wardrobe to her father-in-law so far this year. The exhibition was highly popular — visitor numbers were 52 per cent higher than for the 2010 summer opening — despite the Queen describing the display as “horrible” and “very creepy”, apparently because Kate’s dress and tiara were shown on a headless mannequin.

 The dress helped make Alexander McQueen head Sarah Burton a fashion superstar.

She was the creative talent behind the Duchess of Cambridge's exquisite wedding gown. And as she launches her fourth collection as head of British design house Alexander McQueen, it's clear that Sarah Burton has hit her stride - and then some. (Daily Mail)

The list of awards for Burton at the end of the Daily Mail article says it all:

Sarah Burton has been honoured with 2011 Designer of the Year Award, British Fashion Awards; Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year Award (UK); Glamour Designer of the Year; The Walpole Award for British Luxury Design Talent; Quintessentially Excellence Award and in 2012, at the Elle Style Awards, International Designer of the Year.

As for whether the dress deserves its own Wikipedia page, that's a matter of some dispute.


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I was one of the folk that visited Buckingham Palace. Yes the dress etc was exhibited in a separate ballroom BUT it is misleading to say the tickets were just to see the dress. They also included a walk about tour with prerecorded guidance plus tea in the gardens. It certainly was more than looking at a lovely dress.

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