Pop star forgets her royal manners with Charles

Prince Charles meets Cheryl Cole at the Prince's Trust's Invest in Futures gala dinner held in London in February. (Getty Images)

There are several ways to address Prince Charles if ever you happen bump into him on the street. "Your Royal Highness" is one of them. After that "Sir" will do.

What you do not do is call him Charles. Unless, of course, you're name is Camilla. Or Cheryl.

Cheryl Cole, the British pop star from the group Girls Aloud, has been on royal guest lists before, but the first meeting with Prince Charles proved somewhat awkward, the singer reveals in an interview with Grazia magazine this week.

''The first time I had tea with him at Clarence House, I had an etiquette lesson on how to address him," said Cole, who is on the A-list of celebrities in Britain. "'But I forgot to say Prince and just called him Charles, which was embarrassing, and someone started coughing at my mistake behind me to correct me. But he couldn't stop laughing.''

Which is a good thing, considering how important their relationship has become since then. The Cheryl Cole Foundation is a key partner with Charles' charity, The Prince's Trust, in raising money for unemployed youth in northeast England.

Cole charles 1It goes even deeper. The woman who set up and directs Cole's foundation, Kristina Kyriacou, has been hired by Prince Charles to be a senior advisor for his charities (right, with Cole and Prince Charles).

Cole, 29, has emerged has one of those unabashed fans of the Royal Family. She admitted to be "starstruck" when she met Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge after the Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace last month.

"A bit like, 'Wow, these are our royals and I'm in Buckingham Palace having a drink," said Cole, who has three solo albums to her credit in addition to the five million-sellers with Girls Aloud. Her most notorious American connection is being the judge who was fired from TV's X-Factor last year.

Cole, a year younger than Kate, said she felt an instant connection when she met her. "Kate is really down to earth and we talked about fashion and she said she loved my music," Cole told Grazia. "She was incredibly girly and sweet."

Being newly single (she divorced last year), Cole's name has inevitably been linked to bachelor royal Prince Harry. The ginger-haired 27-year-old had also been love-linked to Saturdays singer Mollie King earlier this year. Neither girl has admitted to a serious relationship with the Prince.

"Everybody knows I have a soft spot for Harry," said Cole. "He’s cute. I’ve met him several times and we laugh about it. It’s a bit of banter between us. He’s so ordinary and a normal 27-year-old who is living in a crazy world and we can bond over that."

Queen Elizabeth is introduced to Cheryl Cole by Kylie Minogue backstage after the Diamond Jubilee Buckingham Palace Concert on June 4. (Getty Images)


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Maybe if more people "broke etiquette" the "Royals" would realize that they aren't nearly as important as they think they are!

I guess Dumbo would be out as well.

"Your Royal Highness" don't make me laugh please. Charllah is well sounded.

What you do not do is call him Charles. Unless, of course, you're* name is Camilla. Or Cheryl.


Maybe the person who sponges off the public, the "royal," ought to be more concerned about protocol and etiquette re: his boss, the taxpayer. Not the other way around.

Prince Charles needs some serious laser work on his face to remove the redness!

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