Prince William shows off his rescue work to Dad

 Prince William, wearing his "Will Wales" flight suit, shows his father Prince Charles around an RAF Sea King Rescue helicopter at RAF Valley on Monday. (Getty Images)

It was one of those father-son moments … showing Dad around the office where you work.

Except Dad is Prince Charles, the office is a rescue helicopter, and an emergency call comes in just before the visit.

Will-charles4As it turned out, the royal rendezvous between Charles and his son Prince William went ahead as planned at the RAF Valley base in Wales.

Although William was officially on stand-by duty as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, another officer stepped in to take the emergency call, according to reports. The emergency flight was made to come to the aid of a man who had fallen ill along the North Wales coast.

Meanwhile, William took his father on the nickel tour of the search and rescue operations, including an inspection of the Sea King helicopter.

Charles and Camilla are on a four-day tour of Wales, though Camilla bypassed the trip to RAF Valley. There was no Duchess of Cambridge either. Kate had attended the Wimbledon final on Sunday, while William was off surfboarding in south England with his brother Harry.

The visit to RAF Valley in Anglesey probably rekindled some of the memories Charles has of his own flying career, which included serving as a helicopter pilot in the British navy in the early 1970s. Charles left the service in 1976 to take up royal duties.

William, 30, is currently musing about his own future, having served at the Wales base since January 2010. Last month he became an operational captain, in charge of his own crew. He will have to decide his future by the end of the year and whether he'll continue in the military.

This wasn't the first time family has dropped in on William while he's on duty. In April 2011, in the last few weeks leading to the royal wedding, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip paid their grandson a visit.

Prince Charles and Prince William head back to the base after checking out one of the Sea King rescue helicopters. (Getty Images)

Will-charles3 Prince Charles helicopter















Left, Prince Charles checks out the controls of the RAF rescue helicopter with William. Right, Prince Charles during his days as a helicopter pilot in the 1970s with the Royal Navy. (Getty Images)

Prince William and Prince Charles in the operations rooms at RAF Valley. (Getty Images)

Queen helicopter
Queen Elizabeth is escorted by her grandson Prince William during a visit to RAF Valley on April 1, 2011. (Getty Images)


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