Kate's cousin bares all for Playboy

When we first heard of Katrina Darling almost a year ago, it was one of novelty skeleton-in-the-closet type stories.

Katrina darlingThere were only two things you needed to know: 1) She’s related to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and 2) she’s a burlesque dancer.

To that list, we can now as “Playboy cover girl.”

Darling, 22, is Kate’s second cousin once removed, which doesn’t exactly make them bosom buddies, or even acquaintances. They are related because Darling’s grandmother was the sister of Kate’s great-grandfather.

As Kate and Prince William were getting married in the spring of 2011, Darling was toiling in the English working-class neighbourhood of Sunderland, holding down jobs at a bank by day and in a strip club by night.

She actually had no idea she was related to the Duchess until a paper did some research on the Middleton family. The surprise bloodline didn’t hurt her dancing career.

Devoting herself full-time to her strip show -- she made her name taking her clothes off to the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen” – Darling has taken her act on the road, most recently in New York City.

Katrina 1The rise to stardom takes another big step with her appearance as Playboy’s cover girl in its September issue. She reportedly earned six figures for filling up an eight-page pictorial. The issue goes on sale Aug. 17.

“The magazine always looks for relevant pop culture figures,” Theresa Hennessey, Playboy’s vice president of public relations, told ABC. “We look for beautiful women that are relevant in pop culture. Darling is beautiful, she has been in the news.”

The two K’s – Kate and Katrina – have never met, and it seems a pretty good bet they won’t in the near future.

They could of course, compare magazine covers, but it’s not likely Kate – or William for that matter – has a Playboy subscription.


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They are third cousins. This lady is second cousin to Kate's mother.

Which grandmother, maternal or paternal side ?

The difference: she's actually pretty !

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