Pippa and the Queen given verbal slaps in the face


Here's a couple of surefire ways for celebrities to get attention in the UK:

1) insult Pippa Middleton

2) insult the Queen

Karl lagerfeldBoth took a hit this week, from very different sources (or maybe not ... you'll see what we mean).

First up, Pippa. Her Royal Hotness was the object of some scorn by the likes-to-be-outrageous designer Karl Lagerfeld. The 78-year-old creative director at Chanel was riffing quite nicely to media in London about the Duchess of Cambridge when all of sudden his words took a sharp and dangerous turn.

"Kate Middleton has a nice silhouette and she is the right girl for that boy (William, we assume).

"I like that kind of woman, I like romantic beauties. On the other hand, her sister struggles. I don't like the sister's face. She should only show her back."

Ouch ... a clear shot at Pippa's most famous wedding photo. It can't get much more backhanded than that.

Pippa's sense of style has been challenged before, but generally not her looks. Clearly, she will not Pippa behindbe on any fashion runway for Lagerfeld, unless she walks backwards.

The always-quotable designer has a nasty habit of taking a bite out of celebrities, often, it seems, without even thinking. In February, the singer Adele was smacked from Lagerfeld's loose lips, declared to be "a little too fat."

He even likes to bite the hands that feed his empire. When he unveiled his 'Olympic' collection this week, he insists he'll not waste any time following the sports.

"I like the idea (of the Games)," he said. "I like the people, but the performances, they are something of a little unhuman."

Speaking of unhuman, that's the impression Barbara Walters has of Queen Elizabeth after watching her at the Olympic opening ceremony.

Speaking on the "The View," the queen of U.S. celebrity interviewers, gave the monarch some points for her Bond girl send-up with OO7 Daniel Craig, but, like Lagerfeld, let her stream of consciousness take her up a creek she just couldn't stay away from.

"Let me tell you my thing with the Queen," said Walters. "I agree that the whole thing with Daniel Craig was funny, but let me tell you my problem with her: This is a woman who does not know how to smile."

Noting her expression as a children's group sang "God Save the Queen," Walters suggested it wouldn't have "killed this woman" to crack a smile. "It's such a sour face."

On a roll, Walters, who is just four years younger than the 86-year-old Queen, went after her wardrobe: “She is 86, but she dresses like something out of the 19th century. The pink dress with the pink plume, but then the black gloves and the black bag — what does the Queen keep in that bag anyway? She never changes.”

It's one thing to hear that talk from a Brit. Quite another from a Yank, and online readers of the UK's Daily Mail were quick to hit back.

Wrote one: "Baba Wawa in some not very fine moments the camera took of her. So sit yourself down & hush up Baba. With the dusty skeletons in your closet Baba you are the least to talk. Show some respect!"

Queen smileAlways wanting to be helpful and fill in the obvious gap in her photo album, we leave Ms Walters with a photo of Queen taken the day after the opening ceremony:


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Lagerfeld is someone whose only clue that he is not a corpse is the fact his arms move is the last person to be criticizing Pippa's looks and as for Walters she must be falling in the ratings and wanted to see her name in print.

Karl Lagerfeld has a nice head of hair, but the face is made for radio, and the style of the man suitable for a vampire or a mortician (or the Addams or Munster families). Babs dear, you've done some okay interviews but it's past time to retire, your voice has been made for newspapers forever, having to hear you is punishment undeserved. As a consumer, my opinion matters more than either of you attention seeking hounds. Now get off my screen.

Some day Karl Lagerfeld will trip over his pompous tongue. And will die after being choked to death by his large high collar shirt he always wares. Since Queen has not extensive face lifts like Barbara Walters. She may want to apologize to the Queen. For if Barbara has any more cosmetic surgery performed on her face. She will be eating her food through a straw. He face muscles will be stretched back so tight. She too will not be able to crack a smile let alone eat food.

Lagerfeld? Who cares what an aging poof has to say?

And Baba has been hanging around those leftist harpies on The View for too long. (Remember Whoopi's "it wasn't 'rape' rape" gaffe?") Three of those four women have no shame.

Aw! Such cheekiness! Ello! This is queensie we speak uf yew now! The "better" person! Of the "family"! The family so much better than yours. Better blood an awl that rot! Born majestic! Such awe! I ope Canadians are not feeling "equal" here! Such lack of culture, but lots of maple syrup an ockey! Ope they continue to obey!

Pippa is NOT a royal

Lagerfeld would look good in a box six feet under and Walters wouldn't look good antwhere.

As a very, very old woman, Barbara should have a little more compassion for the Queen, who is clearly affected by age.

The Queen looks like a woman of 86. Barbra Walters looks like someone in a wax museum - honestly how much has this woman spent on surgeries in pursuit of a youthful image? Give me a real, aged face over a pulled back caricature any day. Speaking of creepy caricatures - Laugerfeld really can point no fingers when it comes to someone's face.

Karl Lagerfeld first you are not hansome dude yourself. In fact your should try out for the new walking dead movie excwpt you can't keep yopur mouth shout long enough....As for Barbra Walters The woman does not have to use a ton of make up to hide a prun face like yours. She is a real person and you are but a TV Make up Doll (not Pretty at all). Give the world break and retire already. Are for what is in her bag it not for you to know.

The Queen of England & Canada is always Dressed to the nine's, But the
opening of the games outfit was not a flattering color for her !
Im very proud to have a Queen so bold, She is an awesome humanbeing !
God save the Queen ! Leave her alone !

How appropriate ... an old queen slagging an old queen ...

We are worried about what a German and an American think of two English women?

Move along... no story here.

If anybody else in the world had remarked in that manner, I would be upset. But this was uttered by an American, and we all know that Americans are the most ignorant and unethical bunch of people, and so we must try to maintain a constant effort at educating these people before they really do some damage:

She looked very tired at the games opening. Hope I have her energy at 86 !!!!

Listen up Barbara,
You take your yankee hands off my Queen!

Would have been nice of her to smile more as she just lights up when she does. Who knows what matters were weighing on her mind as she watched the ceremonies.

The Queen flashes her million dollar smiles on so many occasions - perhaps she was serious due to protocol requirement while God Save the Queen is being rendered and I take it that the photo of her not smiling ( in a serious mode) was during the rendition. Does Ms.Walters know that ? She should have done her research.

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