Prince Harry is odd man out in this cycle of romance

Prince Harry entertains his two guests at beach volleyball on Wednesday, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott. (Getty Images)

You might think a prince could out-charm a bike rider.

Think again.

Prince Harry has nothing on Jason Kenny, Britain’s double gold medallist.  

150010834Lets back up a bit.... The scene was Horse Guards Parade, where that most romantic of sports, beach volleyball, was being contested.

On Wednesday, Prince Harry pulled a few royal strings to invite two of Britian’s brightest stars of the Games -- double gold medallists Laura Trott and Jason Kenny -- to join him in the stands.

Fresh from their cycling triumphs at the velodrome, the two Olympians happily accepted. With Trott between these two eligible bachelors, the trio were pictured having a grand time in the stands, drinking beer, chatting and laughing. Even the bouncing bodies in bikinis had a tough time attracting their attention.

All good things must come to an end and eventually Harry took his leave, which seemed to suit Trott, 20, and Kenny, 24, just fine.

It was quickly apparent that the sandy volleyball court wasn’t the only place action was taking place.

After David Beckham and his three boys arrived to sit in front of them, Trott and Kenny proved they hadn’t left all their energy on the cycling track. (And the "Hot to Trott" headlines after Laura's victories took on a different meaning.)

 “It started with a lot of flirting when Laura was sitting right next to Prince Harry,” one spectator told the Sun tabloid. “But when Harry left and Becks came in there were all over each other.”

At one point, the paper reported, Beckham appeared to turn to the couple to advise them of the many cameras pointing their way. The pair was not deterred from their intimate tête-à-têtes.

The pair separated only after leaving the stadium. When asked about the face time with Trott, Kenny reportedly replied: “These things are always tricky after copious amounts of alcohol have been taken.”

Is a gold-medal romance in the making for these two cyclists? Who knows? But, if he didn’t before, Harry found out what being a third wheel means.

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny celebrate their gold medals on a personal level. (Getty Images)

David Beckham kept score, but Trott and Kenny only had eyes for each other. (Getty Images)

Beckham and his boys were no distraction for Trott and Kenny. (Getty Images)


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